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Are the discount sunglasses the same quality?

Knock-off Sunglasses vs. Authentic Sunglasses

You don't need to shell out $200 for pair of designer shades, but how do you know if you're really getting a good deal with your discount designer knock-offs? Here are some things to consider before you throw down the plastic:

  • True designer styles come with an authenticity certificate. The logo is authentic, and the quality of the product is assured through the manufacturer. The knock-off version might include a replicated logo, but a closer look will show you a minor flaw that might include a different color shade of the logo, different position of the logo on the sunglasses or different size.
  • The shape and style might look idenitical, but the structure is different. Authentic designer shades will feel a little heavier then their knock-off counterparts. The material used in designer frames is worth more.
  • If you're buying a designer knock-off style, make sure the lenses have a UV sticker on the front. Whether you're buying true designer or an imitation frame, your lenses should always provide a level of UV protection.

How do I make sure the designer sunglasses I buy online are real?

Online Tips To Avoid Designer Knock-Offs

EyeSave Tip: These days, it's easy to find designer knock-off sunglasses. You can find fake Prada sunglasses and replica Christian Dior sunglasses for sale on the sidewalk. You can even find them at small boutique stores. Sure, if you want to spend less money, these places are easy to find in real life. But if you want the genuine article, it's easy to go to the mall knowing that you're getting designer sunglasses from reputable retailers. However, what if you want to take advantage of the convenience of online shopping? How can you be sure that you're buying genuine name-brand sunglasses online?

It's a lot harder to tell that an item is fake online, especially if it is listed on Ebay. Look for words in the listing that may clue you in. The word "auth" instead of "authentic" may be a good tip-off. The buy-it-now price can also be a clue – if the price is 95% off the retailer price, then chances are the deal is too good to be true and the sunglasses are fake.

So what else can you do? Buy from reputable online sunglasses retailers. Make sure that they guarantee the original manufacturer's warranty. Check to see they have been the subject of positive press articles. When all is said and done, check the return policy. If returns are allowed, then more than likely the online retailer is on the up-and-up.

So when you're seeking authentic sunglasses online, use these tips to make sure you're getting what you pay for.

Do I have to go to the mall?

Shop From Home

Ok, so you don't have Paris Hilton's trust fund, or JLo's millions, but that doesn't mean you can't replicate the look. Designer reproductions are the answer if you can't afford the brand name sunglasses you want. But where do you shop? The Internet is a great place to find bargains, so get surfing.

A good pair of Chanel sunglasses will put you out at least $300, but by surfing the Web you can find great deals at a fraction of the cost. Make sure if you're purcashing sunglasses from an online store that the company is reputable and offers a return policy. Before you buy, read the customer reviews and make sure you enter your credit card information on a secured server.

I am on a budget, can I still get fashionable eyewear?

Designer Knock-Offs

If you're looking for designer wear, but can't afford designer prices, you're in luck. Many stylists are now creating designer knock-off sunglasses at an affordable price for the budgeted shopper. Inspired by today's hottest designers and fashion trends, you can find sunglasses similar in style to designer's like Channel, Gucci, Fendi, Louis Vuitton, Prada and more.

The debate over knock-off designs continues, but the sales speak for themselves. If you're a Fendi admirer, but can't afford a pair of $315 sunglasses, designer knock-off styles are for you. These designers cut the cost by at least 50 percent, meaning you get the style you like for half the price. With all those savings you'll be sure to be able to afford more than one pair.

Designer knock-off sunglasses are a great gift idea, too. If you're buying a pair of knock-off Gucci sunglasses for yourself, why not pick one up for your fabulous fashionable friend, too?


Be Careful With Counterfeits

Yes, some replicas are illegal counterfeits and it's important that you're educated on how to spot a legal replicas from an illegal counterfeits. First thing is first, look at the price. If it sounds like it's too good of a deal for a designer, it probably is. If the seller is advertising $20 Gucci sunglasses, you can be certain they are not really Gucci sunglasses, but an illegal replica instead.

Take a look at the logo. It is illegal for retailers to sell sunglasses with the logos or trademarks of designer glasses at discount prices because it violates copyright law. However, a legal replica will come with a tag or a label that says, "inspired by..." and note the designer.

Are all sunglasses the same?

Is Replica Worth It?

There is a clear distinction between replica sunglasses and designer knock-off sunglasses. Know the difference before you buy:

Replica sunglasses means you get the look of the designer without the designer price, but also without the designer brand name.

Discount designer sunglasses are sunglasses made by the actual brand company (Gucci, Versace, Prada) but are sold at a discounted price. They are usually discounted because they are out of season, or an improved model in the same style category is available.

I want that celeberty look!

Celebrity Style

Do you want to look like a celebrity, or just feel like one? Check out any celebrity snapshot and you're sure to notice a pair of sunglasses hiding their face. Not only are the blocking paparazzi shots, but these fashion conscience stars are sporting the newest look in designer accessories. But since you don't make a cool million at your day job, your best bet it to pick up some designer knockoffs! Take a note from these celebs and find your favorite knock-off:

Paris Hilton: Take a hint from this socialite -- nothing says trust fund like Versace. Paris's favorite pair are from the Versace 2022 collection.

Brad Pitt: People Magazine's Sexiest Man Alive sports the classic Ray-ban look when he steps outside. Whether you're "Top Gun" or "Legends of the Fall," aviator sunglasses by Ray-ban never go out of style.

Sienna Miller: She may be young, but Sienna Miller has bold taste. Whether she's strolling the streets of London or channeling Edie Sedgwick, Sienna keeps it retro in her Gucci shades.

Harrison Ford: No one does sexy like Indiana Jones. Well, maybe Hans Solo. If your digging through caves or flying through space, take a hint from Harrison Ford and look into Serengeti Sunglasses.

Need a new pair, but what knid can I afford?

Accentuate Your Look

Let's face it: sunglasses are the one item that goes with everything! Whether you're in jeans or a three-piece suit, you'll always find a pair of sunglasses to match. Thanks to designer copies of sunglasses, you can afford a few pairs to mix-and-match with your favorite outfit.

For a day at the beach, consider the Juicy Couture Poolside sunglasses. This style would normally cost you approximately $200, but thanks to designer discounts and knock-offs, you can purchase these oversized black frames for less than $100. Hit the beach ala Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan in a pair of Juicy's that not only shield your eyes from the bright sun, but make a daring fashion statement.

Heading out for that all-important business meeting? Nothing says smart and classy like a pair of Gucci sunglasses. Paired with a sharp suit, a sleek pair of Gucci sunglasses will make the outfit. Consider the Gucci Straus line, which comes in three different colors so you can choose to your liking. But before you shell out upwards of $350 for your new Gucci glasses, consider the discount stores and designer knock-offs. You can get a pair of knock-off Gucci sunglasses for a fraction of the cost without compromsing your style.

How harmful are knock-off designer sunglasses?

Real Or Risk

It may seem common sense that buying knock-off toys and electronics can be an unsafe idea, but did you know that even items such as, say, a harmless pair of fake Chanel sunglasses may do you damage? According to the International AntiCounterfeiting Coalition (IACC), counterfeit sunglasses can shatter easily. In addition, they may fail to provide adequate UV protection. In 2002, the IACC reported that approximately 18% of the $98 million of counterfeit products seized by U.S. Customs were fashion-related items, including sunglasses. That adds up to a lot of consumers risking their health for fashion!

How can I tell if the sunglasses I'm buyng online are real designer brands?

Is it Gucci...or Garbage?

Finding knock-off designer sunglasses online is as easy as typing three words into your search engine: "Discount Gucci Sunglasses" (or another name brand). So how do you know if you're getting the real thing or a real rip off? Some retailers will catch your attention just by using desigenr names you're most likely to search for, like Chanel or Gucci. Read item descriptions carefully to search for tell-tale phrases like "inspired by." These alert you to the fact that the merchandise isn't an exact copy, but still gives reatilers protection from trademark infringement.

What are replica frames and why should I be wary of them?

Replica Frames

Often, when you are shopping for sunglasses, you'll encounter the term "replica," especially when it refers to designer frames. Make sure you walk the other way when encountering these "ripoff" frames. They are designed to look like more expensive, brand name frames and sunglasses, but they are really just cheap imitations. Often they use inferior materials that do not protect your eyes as they should. Watch out for replicas, and look for quality merchants who back up their merchandise with guarantees.

What are fake sunglasses and how can I spot them?

Fake Sunglasses and How to Spot Them

Many dealers advertise their frames as "replicas," which is a warning they are fakes. However, many other dealers don't. Look for shoddy workmanship, cheap, lightweight plastic frames and lenses that may be distorted or bent, and copyright, trademark or brand symbols that do not look quite right. Fakes are all over the marketplace, so buyers have to be certain they are buying from a quality dealer with a money-back guarantee.

But the price is so good! How can I tell if these sunglasses are a real bargain?

If the Price Seems Too Good to be True….

Chances are, if the price of those sunglasses seems just too good to be true, it probably is. If you're looking at brand name sunglasses at a ridiculous price, then they may be fakes or replicas. Always buy from a quality dealer with a money-back guarantee. They can offer decent pricing on brand names while assuring you of the best quality.

What's the harm in buying counterfeit sunglasses?

Why Buying Counterfeit Sunglasses Costs You

Perhaps you just laid eyes on a pair of Christian Dior sunglasses that you absolutely must own. Paying a few hundred dollars for something you may leave behind at the gym seems silly, so why not buy the discount version? No harm in it, right? Think again. When you buy counterfeit sunglasses, you're actually getting ripped off. Why? The counterfeit business is a cash only, tax-free, $200 billion a year scam. You have to pay the taxes, but the counterfeiters get to keep the profit.

Why are certain replica sunglasses so popular?

Be A Celebrity or Just Look Like One...For Less

Some consumers buy up less expensive versions of their favorite celebrities' accessories in an effort to try to become more like the celebrity they admire. It may seem silly, but it's true! Consider, for example, the wild popularity of replica Ray-Ban sunglasses. The originals were worn by Tommy Lee Jones and Will Smith in the movie "Men In Black," by Tom Cruise in "Risky Business," and countless other movie stars in real life. By wearing these sunglasses, many consumers feel they are carrying a little "star quality" with them, thereby boosting their confidence.

What is the best way to be sure the designer sunglasses I'm buying are authentic?

Shopping for Authentic Designer Sunglasses

What is the safest way to shop for authentic Louis Vuitton, Oakley, or Marc Jacobs sunglasses? The answer is simple: Purchase the items from an authorized dealer. Authroized dealers include reputable department stores, company outlets, and/or the specific Web sites of the brand in question (i.e. If you diecide to buy in an outlet store, you can double-check authenticity be contacting the designer directly to ask if you're buying from an authorized dealer.

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