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What makes it vintage?

How Far Back Does Vintage Go?

Going vintage is a great way to enhance any wardrobe. Sure, styles may come and go, but vintage looks will always remain a fashion mainstay for people who seek something different from what everyone else is buying. Vintage eye wear is from another era. Something vintage includes pieces from the Victorian era and earlier, but generally encompasses anything from the Victorian period through the 1960s. Some vintage purists contend that anything made after the 1960s should be classified as retro, as opposed to vintage. "Vintage" represents a time period, serving as a cultural expression of that time. Just because an item is old, however, doesn't necessarily mean it can be labeled vintage.

Do I need more than one pair of sunglasses?

Sunglasses Are Fashion Statements

Sunglasses are such an important part of our society's fashion. Consider Andy Warhol's self-portrait wearing sunglasses and John Lennon's timeless round specs. The best part about eyewear is that it never goes out of style. Consider the "vintage" look. Generally speaking, an item older than 25 years is considered to be “vintage”. In the 1980's, Ray Ban's held the market thanks to superstars like Madonna and George Michael who wore their Ray Ban's on stage and off. It was even cool “to wear your sunglasses at night,” and they are still a classic 27 years later.

Has fashion eyewear come that far?

Fun Facts

Let's twist and shout back to the 1950's and 1960's - an era inspired by Elvis and Marilyn, pink Cadillac's, James Dean, JFK and Jackie-O, all of which helped inspire a generation of famous eyewear styles.

Heartthrob Elvis Presley wore sunglasses not only as a fashion statement, but in the years to come, Elvis suffered from glaucoma. In true star fashiohn, Elvis had his sunglasses personally designed with his TCB logo and EP initials. He would even order 20 pairs at a time.

Marilyn Monroe was often photographed wearing her favorite pair of sunglasses -- cool green lenses with a pale yellow frame. The trend setting Jackie-O wrap-around sunglasses were a must with any high fashion lady's wardrobe. And today this vintage look is hitting the runway.

Eyewear continues to be the most important enhancement in our daily fashion decisions. People will always have a need for the privacy and mystery that sunglasses provide. So add fun to your daily life style, and feel like a celebrity with some vintage eyewear fashions!

How do I choose sunglasses that will stay in style year after year?

Vintage Sunglasses Are Chic Every Year

EyeSave Tip: With all of the chic new styles coming out every season, it can be difficult to decide upon a pair of sunglasses. If quality is important to you, then you will more than likely choose sunglasses that are a bit more pricey than those you find in the gas station or grocery store. So how do you make sure your glasses stay in style season after season? Go retro.

When people think retro, they may think of the '80s with the big hair, the spiked bracelets and the mesh t-shirts. But vintage can also be a good thing. Think of the aviator sunglasses worn in this same decade by Tom Cruise in "Top Gun." Better yet, think of the Ray Ban Wayfarers Tom Cruise wore in the movie "Risky Business." Both of those styles are still popular to this day.

Another great designer to keep in mind when choosing retro sunglasses is Revo. With everything from blue and red mirrored sunglasses to metal and plastic frames, the Revo sunglasses line contains a variety of timeless styles.

No matter what brand you select, consider investing in vintage sunglasses so you can look stylish every year.

My mom had a really cool pair, but I forgot what they were called?

Tortoiseshell Sunglasses

What is more vintage than the 1950's Square Tortoiseshell Sunglasses? These lenses exude sex appeal with their elliptical gray lenses set in a squared plastic tortoiseshell frame. Tortoiseshell sunglasses have been around forever, and good news...they are back and looking sexier than ever on millions of faces!

What is considered to be vintage?

Are You Vintage?

What makes something vintage? Well, you do! Depending on when you were born and your personal style, a "vintage" look is basically up to you. Maybe it was when your mother first sported the wide round-rimmed sunglasses, or maybe it was pictures of your Grandma with her white cat-eye specs on at the diner. Or maybe vintage to you means 1980s Ray Ban's coupled with a leather bomber jacket.

One rule of thumb: buy what you like!

My grandpa had a pair , can I be stylish in those?

Vintage Face Framing

There are seven basic face shapes: round, oval, oblong, base-down triangle, heart-shaped, diamond (prominent cheekbones), and square. The shape of your eyeglasses should blend with your face shape, or if you're looking for a stark look, they should work in contrast with your shape. For example, if you're a square face and you're looking for a bold statement, try triangle-shaped frames. If you're a square face looking to blend your eyewear into your look, go with a straight square frame.

Don't worry about frame color clashing with your clothes, but it's important to pay attention to your skin tone when picking out frames. You don't want to look washed out or grey, and the wrong frames can have that effect.

How can I find Vintage eyewear?

Where To Shop For Vintage

Vintage sunglasses can be found just about anywhere, if you know where to look. Start at flea markets, clothing and accessory shops that specialize in Vintage wear. Or, grab your laptop and type your way to France, Italy or Spain to find the latest in high fashion. But don't pay foreign prices. Find what you like and shop for the best prices back in the USA. With the right vintage sunglasses, you can coordinate a new look or just add to a great wardrobe. Whether you are just starting out or a professional shopper at heart, you can find great buys online.

I want a classic look, but how?

Classic Look

Fashion trends come and go, but vintage sunglass are always in style. Inspired by the 1920's classic look, oversized vintage sunglasses made a comeback and are now one of the most popular styles today. Big is in! The unbelievable shapes and sizes have reappeared offering you star-quality privacy. Vintage sunglasses make it easy to steal away a great day or hide from the rest of the world for an afternoon at the park.

Sunglasses from the pre-1950s eras are becoming harder to find in personal collections, and more expensive to produce. Vintage eyewear from the 1950's and later is generally fairly easy to locate, and can be quite affordable.

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