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What are Minnie Driver's favorite sunglasses?

Minnie Driver's Silhouette

Minnie Driver is one of the hottest Hollywood stars today, and her sunglasses of choice are hot, too. Her favorite glasses are Silhouette model 3175, and they fit her style and grace to a "T."

That's because the frames are ultra-lightweight and so flexible they adjust to any head size and shape. Besides that, they come in an array of frame and lens colors that will be certain to match any outfit you choose. The oversized lenses offer excellent eye protection and optical clarity. Of course, they look simply smashing on Miss Driver!

What sunglasses do celebritites wear?

It's Ray-Bans For Shining Stars

As you'd expect, sunglass brand names like Christian Dior, Fendi, Chanel, and others can be found on the top 10 celebrity picks for sunglasses. Perhaps the number one spot, however, should be reserved for Ray-Bans. It seems every celebrity has at least one pair. From Usher's oversized frames to Leonardo DiCaprio's aviator's to Eva Longoria's rimless pair, Ray-Bans can be seen everywhere in Hollywood!

What is a good retro style of sunglasses?

Sir Elton's Sunglasses

No one knows sunglasses like Sir Elton John! For a bit of mod fun, get yourself a pair of his retro sunglasses. For a reserved outing, choose Elton's famous frameless orb-style lens fram with gradient lens. And some versions even feature spring temples! Or you can go a little glam rock with replicas of his garish glitter sunglasses in shocking pink, made famous in his many music videos and lively concerts!

Why does J-Lo choose Ray-Bans for her sunglasses?

J-Lo Sports Ray-Bans

Lovely star Jennifer Lopez knows style when she sees it! The sunglasses J-Lo favors are Ray-Ban's model 3025. When she's out and about in Hollywood and beyond, these large, aviator-style sunglasses are fashionable and offer great protection at the same time.

These glasses come in a wide variety of frame and lens color combinations to provide style and great vision for any occasion. They offer 100 percent UV protection, lightweight frames, and so many color and lens choices you just may have to buy more than one pair!

Do celebrities design sunglasses?

Celebrity Designers

Many celebrities themselves have started producing sunglasses. Britney Spears, Lauren Hutton, Kathy Ireland, Sophia Loren, Cheryl Tiegs, Shari Belafonte, Diahann Carroll, Linda Evans, and Ivana Trump all have sunglass lines. Most of the celebrities have worked to offer styles that represent the style they are associated with, so chances are, if you like a celeb's look, you'll like his/her sunglasses line.

How can I have sunglasses like Paris Hilton wears?

Do You Want to be a Hilton?

Paris Hilton wears many different brands of sunglasses, but Christian Dior's are her very favorite. She's been seen sporting the Dior Schlak 2, the Mini-Motard, and the Bike 1.

Whatever style she's wearing, you can be sure the lenses are oversized and offer great protection from glare and UV rays. These glasses are trendy and classy at the same time, and remain in style for years. They blend with just about any fashion statement, too. So, if you really want to be a Hilton, than check out the many Christian Dior styles available -- you'll fit right in!

What are celebrity sunglasses?

Celebrity Sunglasses

Today, sunglasses come in every size, shape, and color, with myriad features to appeal to every taste and budget. Many notable Hollywood celebrities are developing their own brands of sunglasses that appeal to their fans. These celebrity sunglasses are fun, funky, and stylish, but are often sold as "replicas," so be careful of quality and eye protection when checking out these sunglasses.

Why does Dale Earnhardt Jr. endorse Gargoyles sunglasses?

Dale Earnhardt Jr. and Gargoyle Sunglasses

Some of the most famous celebrity endorsed sunglasses are Gargoyles sunglasses, endorsed by the legendary NASCAR driver Dale Earnhardt, Jr. Gargoyles sunglasses patented Dual Toric Curve makes them exceptionally distortion free and gives an extremely wide field of vision, which makes them perfect for driving and many other sports.

What are the benefits of wrap-around sunglasses?

Get the Wrap-around

Supersize your sunglasses! Wrap-around styles favored by celebrities like Nicollette Sheridan and Amy Lee, these sunglasses come in colorful plastics, gold tones or basic blacks. Not only are they fashionable, wrap-arounds are a great way to keep your eyes shielded from the sun...and from other prying eyes. No wonder they're such a hit with celebs who want to stay anonymous once in a while.

What sunglasses should I choose if I want the style Renee Zellweger wears?

Renee Zellweger Flips Over Her Armani's

Actress Renee Zellweger is stylish in any of her roles, even Bridget Jones! Renee's favorite sunglasses match her glamorous lifestyle. Renee wears Georgia Armani's GA-208/S, and they fit her small frame and delicate features. Because Renee likes to stay on top of fashion, she's chosen a model that is new for 2005.

The frames are available in two colors -- mauve with mauve lenses or black with grey lenses. The frames are extremely lightweight and flexible, and the lenses offer 100 percent UV protection and excellent optical quality. If you want the glamour of Hollywood wrapped up in one pair of sunglasses, they choose these glasses that Renee Zellweger loves!

What the heck are Diesel sunglasses, anyway?

Beyonce is Runnin' on Diesel

Beyonce Knowles sets the style for young pop singers these days, and her style is the Diesel Dilation in sunglasses.

These glasses come in several colors and lens shades and are comparable to the Diesel DS0015/S, which is also an aviator-style design. Diesel glasses feature polycarbonate lenses, making them extremely lightweight and flexible, just right for outdoor sports and games. The frame is metal, and the nose pads are adjustable. These glasses blend style and great dependability, which means they work for a variety of outdoor activities. So, wear them to Beyonce's next outdoor concert, and you'll be right in style!

Why do some stars endorse certain brands of sunglasses?

Celebrity Endorsed Sunglasses

Who's that celebrity hiding behind those oversized sunglasses? Many stars endorse their own favorite brands of sunglasses, and even make them their signature fashion look. Sunglasses protect the eyes, but they also add mystique, flair, and an air of success that is hard to beat. The next time you see your favorite star sporting some cool shades, see if you can decide just what brand they are!

What brand of sunglasses does David Beckham wear?

Beckham and the Police!

What sunglasses does top soccer player David Beckham wear when he's on the streets and off the field?

Ever the stylish soccer player, he sports Police sunglasses model 2759. These athletic yet sensible sunglasses use a lightweight, flexible gunmetal frame that blends well with just about any style -- casual to chic. The frames are durable and the lenses are impact and scratch resistant. These glasses also come in several different colored graduated lenses, from blue to grey and beyond.

So, if you "bend it like Beckham" you'll appreciate these stylish and oh so practical Police sunglasses.

How do I add a touch of glamour to my wardrobe?

Designer Sunglasses Add Glamour To Any Wardrobe

EyeSave Tip: Summer or winter, outdoors or indoors, it seems that celebrities just can't get enough of their favorite accessory – sunglasses. When they choose a pair, they are more than likely a designer brand like Giorgio Armani sunglasses, because celebrities are known for wearing only the best.

What is it with celebrities and sunglasses? It's all about looks. Nothing adds an extra bit of glamour to an outfit like the right pair of shades. It's just the final touch that makes a celebrity's look complete. Think about Brad Pitt or Angeline Jolie on the "red carpet,” or dealing with the press; they are doing it while donning their favorite pair of sunglasses.

So when you get dressed in one of your favorite outfits, why not add your favorite pair of Giorgio Armani sunglasses to the mix? They will add a touch of glamour to your wardrobe too.

Why should I choose Gucci 1488 sunglasses?

Pamela Anderson and her Assets

If you want to wear the same glasses beautiful Pamela Anderson calls her favorite, then check out Gucci's Model 1488. Always on the edge of style, Pamela chose this model that is brand new for 2005.

These large, wrap-around frames offer excellent protection and style wrapped into one gorgeous package. Gucci's designs are known for their elegance and style, and these glasses are the epitome of that elegance. They will complement a variety of face shapes and sizes, and they come in three frame colors matched to dark grey lenses. What ever color you choose, you're sure to look just like a Hollywood star the minute you put on these beauties!

Which sunglasses do I choose to stay trendy?

Celebrities Set the Trends With Designer Sunglasses

EyeSave Tip: Let's face it, in our society it is the celebrities that set the trends. They are always in the limelight, so it's almost inevitable that when we see them plastered all over magazines, in the movies and on television, we look to them for style tips. Therefore, when the Paparazzi photograph a celebrity wearing a certain style of designer sunglasses, the public will follow suit.

While celebrities often show off the chic sunglasses made by Chanel, Gucci, and Christian Dior, Coach Sunglasses offer would-be celebs eyewear that is both a trendy and timeless complement to any wardrobe.

By displaying a perfect balance of classic design and modern flair, Coach Sunglasses are fashionable and practical, perfect for the girl looking to embrace and flaunt her inner celebrity without sacrificing comfort, sophistication or practicality.

In fact, the show-stopping qualities of Coach Sunglasses are not lost on celebrities. Celebrity watchers have spotted both Desperate Housewives star Eva Longoria and Angelina Jolie sporting Coach products.

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