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Where do I find one pair of sunglasses for all of my favorite activities?

Perform Your Favorite Outdoor Activities With Interchangeable Sunglass Lenses

EyeSave Tip: Everyone has that one pair of sunglasses that they just love to wear. But with all the different sunglasses made for almost every kind of activity, you'll more than likely wear a different pair of sunglasses (polarized) to drive and another pair of sunglasses (sports) to play tennis. Wouldn't it be great if you could wear that one pair of sunglasses for everything? Now you can. Just invest in a pair of sunglasses with interchangeable lenses.

A great brand of sunglasses featuring the interchangeable lens is Bolle sunglasses. Their line of Parole sunglasses offers up to four interchangeable lenses, including prescription lenses. Plus, they are customizable to fit your lifestyle. You can choose from polarized driving lenses, their exclusive Competivision lenses for tennis, their exclusive line of Eaglevision lenses for golf and so much more.

So the next time you drive to the golf course, line up to the tee or putt, you can do it all in your favorite pair of sunglasses.

I want to buy a pair of high quality sunglasses with interchangeable lenses. What should I look for in a good pair of sunglasses?

What To Look For In Sunglasses With Interchangeable Lenses

With so many brands of sunglasses offering interchangeable lenses it can be difficult for the consumer to make an informed buying decision. Here are a few tips and qualities to look for when purchasing sunglasses with interchangeable lenses.

Purchase a pair of sunglasses that offer lenses for a wide variety of lighting conditions. The most important are bright lights, low lighting and high contrast. The ease at which you can change the lenses is also important as is the stability of the lenses once in place. You'll also want to make sure the lenses are of high quality and free of distortions which can cause eye fatigue. To check the quality of interchangeable lenses hold them at arms length and look through the lenses towards a straight line such as a door frame. Now move the lenses across the line and note if the line moves, distorts or curves. If any of these take place the lenses have imperfections.

The frame of the sunglasses is also important. Chose lightweight frames made out of durable material such as nylon for the most comfortable fit. For longevity try buying frames that will withstand extreme highs and lows in temperature without warping or cracking. The wrap around style of sunglasses with interchangeable lenses is very popular as it provides the best defense against harmful rays all around the eye area. Just be sure those lenses offer 100% UV protection.

Don't forget to have a look at those nose pads. It may seem inconsequential but if you purchase non-slip nose pads such as rubberized ones you'll be thankful for their ability to stay put even when you sweat.

Can you give me a guide as to what types of sunglasses are best for certain sports?

Choosing The Right Interchangeable Lenses For Your Sporting Activities

Depending on your outdoor activities you'll need a lens that offers you the best visibility and protection for the conditions. To increase your sight ability and enjoyment of your favorite sport follow this guideline for choosing the right interchangeable lenses.

For snow activities such as skiing or snowboarding you'll require lenses that improve contrast and eliminate snow glare. Goggles are a good choice or frames that fit snugly and provide ventilation to minimize fogging. Amber colored lenses are a good choice for best visibility on the slopes.

Cycling or motor cross sports require interchangeable lenses that will also protect your eyes from dirt and debris. Wrap around lenses are a good choice. For bright lighting conditions choose blue or brown lenses for better contrast and switch to yellow tinted lenses for low light conditions.

Water sports suit polarized lenses best as they reduce glare from the water's surface. Using a wrap around strap with a snug fit is also a good idea to prevent loosing your sunglasses in the water should they fall off. For runners dark brown or grey interchangeable lenses for sunny days work well. For extremely bright conditions you may want to try mirrored lenses for the best visibility. Yellow or amber lenses work best for cloudy days or once the day's light begins to fade.

I keep hearing about how great Rudy Project sunglasses are. Can you tell me some of the features of these sunglasses?

The Amazing Features Interchangeable Sunglasses

If you want to jazz up the look of your sunglasses try adding accessories such as colored rubber temple tips. For an added splash of color you can also choose matching or contrasting nose pads to your sunglasses. The nose pads can also be removed for easier cleaning or to be replaced should they wear out.

Rudy Project sunglasses feature flex hinges that adjust for maximum comfort. They will fit almost any sized head and ensure a snug but comfy fit. These hinges are also created with a fold-in design that eliminates sharp edges. No sharp edges minimize the risk of injury in case of impact or falls.

For those that need their Rudy Project sunglasses to stay perfectly in place during strenuous activity there is the multi-platform elastic strap. Made from non allergenic material, this strap ensures a snug custom fit that will keep your sunglasses in place during extreme sports.

I have a small face and I have a hard time finding sports sunglasses that aren’t too big. Any suggestions?

Rudy Project Sunglasses: Perfect For The Petite Face

Those of us with small faces know that trying to find a pair of sunglasses can be a bit of a challenge. Many times regular sized sunglasses dwarf small faces and you're tempted to reach for the kiddie sunglasses. Thankfully, the Rudy Project Jekyll sunglasses are designed with small faces in mind.

With their sleek and narrow design, Rudy Project Jekyll sunglasses will provide 100% UV protection while keeping in scale with petite faces. The lenses are interchangeable with a multitude of tint options for any desired color and lighting conditions. Try gold tinted lenses for moderate to low lighting conditions such as cloudy days or evenings. Blue lenses are perfect for bright sunny days at the beach.

Speaking of kiddie sunglasses, it's just as important that children have proper sunglasses with high UV protection. The Rudy Project Jekyll sunglasses are small enough to fit older children's faces and give 100% UV protection. Also, because they are flexible and durable they'll be able to take the rough and tumble action that kids dish out better than cheaper plastic lenses.

Where can I get one pair of sunglasses to help me perform multiple activities?

See Every Inch of the Road With Smith Interchangeable Lenses

EyeSave Tip: Whether you're driving into the sunset or cycling through the mountains, you know that your eyes need to see every inch of the road. However, different situations call for different lenses. So you cut the sun's glare by wearing polarized lenses made especially for driving, and you cut the snow glare by wearing sunglasses with an amber or yellow tinted lens. However, did you know that you can now wear the same pair of sunglasses for these situations and more? It's easy. Just invest in Smith sunglasses with interchangeable lenses.

Smith interchangeable sunglasses feature distortion-free, 9 base lenses that give you a crystal clear view of the world while protecting your eyes from harmful UV Rays. Their patented line of Interlock interchangeable lenses comes with Polarized TLT Carbonic lenses that can be replaced with their up to 14 different shades of lenses. So whether you're biking, driving, or playing tennis, you can do it all in one pair of frames with Smith interchangeable lenses.

Why are Wiley-X sunglasses a good buy when it comes to interchangeable lenses?

Wiley-X Interchangeable Lens Sunglasses

Another well-known brand with a wide variety of interchangeable lenses is Wiley-X. These sunglasses are especially popular with the military, hunters, shooters, and outdoorsmen, because they provide excellent vision and protection along with the ability to change with existing lighting conditions. Many Wiley-X sunglasses come standard with several sets of lenses adaptable to just about any lighting and shooting situation.

Are interchangeable lenses easy to switch?

Bolle Interchangeable Lens Sunglasses

One of the most well-known interchangeable lens brands is Bolle Sunglasses, who have a wide variety of sunglasses with many different interchangeable lenses. The lenses are easy to switch, and give you more choices of coatings and tints to match just about any outdoor lighting situation. If you participate in many different sports interchangeable lenses are a perfect way to create many custom pairs of sunglasses from one or two frames.

Why are Smith interchangeable lenses a good idea?

Smith Interchangeable Lens Sunglasses

If you're looking for sunglasses that are versatile and can stand up to the most extreme sports, look for Smith sunglasses. Endorsed by dozens of professional athletes, these sunglasses use the newest technologies for strength, enhanced vision, and UV protection. The best thing is, Smith sunglasses have interchangeable lenses, so you can buy one set of frames and switch lenses for different outdoor and fashion needs.

Why are interchangeable lenses a good idea?

Interchangeable Lens Sunglasses

Interchangeable lenses are a great feature that are becoming much more popular in many sunglasses. Lenses can be replaced if they scratch or are damaged, but you can also change lenses for differing light conditions, making your sunglasses more versatile for more types of outdoor activities. Look for lenses that are easy to change, and come in a wide variety of tints and or coatings, so you have the widest variety available in your sunglasses.

I keep hearing about interchangeable lenses. Besides being able to change colors are there any benefits to these lenses?

The Beauty of Rudy Project Interchangeable Lenses

Rudy Project Interchangeable lenses are perfect for adjusting to those tricky and varying lighting conditions. Yet, acting like a chameleon isn't the only fabulous feature of these amazing lenses. A great deal of science and thought to comfort went in to designing the perfect pair of sunglass lenses with the user in mind.

The Quick Change interchangeable lenses have built in vent holes right in the top of the lenses to minimize fogging and keep your eyes dry. Air holes in the frame direct air current towards the face which also cuts down on the likelihood of foggy lenses. The Rudy Project lenses even go so far as to allow the wearer to adjust the amount of air flow through a vent controller. This is perfect for those who wear contact lenses and need to avoid excess air flow to the eyes which causes uncomfortable drying of the contact lenses.

For the ultimate in interchangeable lenses Rudy Project offers the SGV option. This kit, called the sunglass goggle version and conversion kit, includes an elastic strap with a protective Grilamid interface. The allergenic foam provides a comfortable fit and the double lens construction of the goggles prevents fogging. This conversion kit is perfect for harsh conditions such as strong winds or bitter cold.

I play golf and I was wondering if you could recommend a good pair of sunglasses?

Don't Go Golfing Without Your Rudy Project Sunglasses

If you're an avid golfer you know how important it is to be able to see the layout of the course in front of you. Often one pair of sunglasses doesn't provide the visibility you need for varying light conditions. This is where a pair of Rudy Project sunglasses can save your golf game.

For those bright and sunny days try wearing the Freeon Golf Rudy Project sunglasses. Their green tinted lenses allow for maximum visibility in bright lighting conditions while still allowing you to clearly see the colors of objects. The frames are lightweight and flexible for comfort.

On overcast days when you're staring at miles of dull green grass through your dark lenses, switch over to the red tinted Rudy Project sunglasses. These lenses make objects set against a green background stand out, allowing you to see the hole, sand traps and your ball much clearer in a sea of green.

The Ketyum Golf 2 Rudy Project sunglasses are designed for the ultimate in comfort and eye protection. The patented spring hinges absorb shock, protecting the face from injury, perhaps from a wayward golf ball.

I have a dark pair of sunglasses that are perfect when it’s bright outside but are too dark when it’s a cloudy day. Do I really need two pairs of sunglasses or are there any options for different lighting?

Rudy Project Sunglasses Are Perfect For Sports

If you're the sporty type you probably know that using only one pair of sunglasses for those outside endeavors can sometimes leave you with limited visibility. Rudy Project sunglasses take away this problem with their interchangeable lenses which allow you to adjust for all types of lighting conditions.

Normally you need to rely on one pair of sunglasses to block those UV rays and bright sunlight when outside. The problem is the same lenses that work so well for sunny days may be too dark for overcast conditions. When in bright light try the Rudy Project sunglasses with dark mirrored or brown lenses. These lenses will neutralize bright light without dulling colors.

For those who need superb visibility against green or blue backgrounds try a pair of Rudy Project sunglasses with pink lenses. The pink coloring makes objects against blue or green stand out. These lenses are perfect for any sports involving water, such as fishing or baseball where you need to keep your eye on the target.

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