Knock-off Sunglasses vs. Authentic Sunglasses

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Are the discount sunglasses the same quality?

Knock-off Sunglasses vs. Authentic Sunglasses

You don't need to shell out $200 for pair of designer shades, but how do you know if you're really getting a good deal with your discount designer knock-offs? Here are some things to consider before you throw down the plastic:

  • True designer styles come with an authenticity certificate. The logo is authentic, and the quality of the product is assured through the manufacturer. The knock-off version might include a replicated logo, but a closer look will show you a minor flaw that might include a different color shade of the logo, different position of the logo on the sunglasses or different size.
  • The shape and style might look idenitical, but the structure is different. Authentic designer shades will feel a little heavier then their knock-off counterparts. The material used in designer frames is worth more.
  • If you're buying a designer knock-off style, make sure the lenses have a UV sticker on the front. Whether you're buying true designer or an imitation frame, your lenses should always provide a level of UV protection.



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