Sunglass Maintenance Tips

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How do I protect my sunglasses so they will last longer?

Sunglass Pouches and Cases for Protection

Sunglasses will last for many years if you only take good care of them. Always put your sunglasses in a sunglasses case or sunglasses pouch to protect them when you aren't wearing them. Hard cases come in a variety of styles and colors to match manufacturer's specific models.

How do I clean my new sunglasses?

Cleaning Your Sunglasses

Sunglasses need frequent cleaning to stay at their best. Cleaning kits contain special soft cleaning cloths that will not damage the lenses, tints, or coatings, along with special lens cleaners designed to clean and protect sunglass lenses. Manufacturers may recommend specific types of cloths or cleaners for their sunglasses, so be sure to follow their specific recommendations to keep your sunglasses clean and sparkling all the time. Never use tissues, paper towels, or other items to clean your lenses, they can scratch and damage them.

Why should I carry a maintenance kit?

Sunglass Maintenance Kit

It's a good idea to carry an eyeglass maintenance kit with you when you wear sunglasses. These kits contain replacement screws and tiny screwdrivers in case the frames come apart. These kits are very small and portable, and can fit in a pocket, purse, or car glove compartment.

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