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What should you look for when getting protective eyewear for sports?

Choosing the Right Lenses for Playing Sports

When choosing the right sunglasses for playing sports, the eyewear should provide a certain amount of padding and protection for the brow and the nose bridge. This will keep the glasses from cutting into the skin. You should also make sure that your protective eyewear fits you correctly. If your glasses are too loose or too tight, this could distract you during the game.

Lenses are also extremely important. When there is contact made, the lenses should always stay intact and should never pop out. Lenses that pop could be more dangerous than if you were wearing no protective eyewear at all. Another issue that can arise, especially during certain weather conditions, is fogging. Make sure to choose glasses with an anti-fog coating to remedy this problem. There are even some glasses that will offer side vents, which is the optimal choice.

Bolle, Nike, and Maui Jim sunglasses are all great choices because they come with many different styles of frames and tints, so that you can choose what will work best for your particular sport. For example, if you play tennis, dark gray or yellow frames are known to help spot the tennis ball the quickest. Whatever you choose, make sure to do your research. That way, you will know exactly what features you need and exactly what sort of model you are looking for.

What color lenses do sunglasses need?

Lens Color

One of the most important aspects of sports sunglasses is the lenses. The optical quality and visual enhancement of sports lenses has never been better. Lens colors such as brown, yellow, green, gray, rose, amber and orange can help enhance your sports performance by filtering out colors and allowing you to see what is most important. What color you need depends on the sport you will be partaking in. In general, bright situations call for the more yellow-based colors, while filtered light can do well with the redder hues.

What is the history of Maui Jim sunglasses?

The Real Maui Jim

Originating in the 1980s, Maui Jim sunglasses developed the PolarizedPlus technology for their lenses so that visitors to the Hawaiian tropics would be able to enjoy the sun without the glare. Now with over 50 styles and 100 individual products, Maui Jim, Inc. is the fastest growing polarized sunglass maker in the world. Their wide range of products can be purchased online or in their store in Maui, Hawaii. (And there really is a Maui Jim; he's a Macaw called "Jimmy." That makes him the real Macaw!)

What elements do good athletic sunglasses have?

The Cutting Edge in Athletic Sunglasses

With all the design work going into them, you'd think the latest athletic sunglasses were designed by the NASA! There's almost no sport that can't be enjoyed with a well-designed pair of sunglasses. Elastic straps adjust to any head size. Some provide lens arms that allow you to move the lens closer or farther from the face and lock it in place. Higher-end models offer adjustable nosepieces to ensure proper, secure fittings.

What are boating sunglasses made of?

"Eye-Eye," Captain!

Being outdoors for long periods of time requires protection of your eyes. Boaters are no exception. Even the relative shade of a boat dock will not provide the kind of protection your eyes need. Lucky for avid fishers and sailors, special boating sunglasses have been developed. Look for polarized lenses that will provide accurate image colors, depth perception, and 100% U.V. protection.

Why are Adidas sunglasses so good for sports wear?

Adidas Sunglasses

Adidas sunglasses were created specifically for sporting use. Adidas sunglasses are always on the cutting-edge of technology, from design to features created specifically to make them more durable. They include special features for runners, bridge height adjustment and temple adjustment, and a special flexible material that is just about unbreakable for the frames. They are perfect for just about any sports activity.

What kind of suglasses to tennis players need?

Sunnglasses for Tennis

With any outdoor sport involving a lot of movement, high-activity sunglasses are a must. Tennis players need very specific sunglasses, in fact. Tennis sunglasses need to provide excellent visual clarity. Therefore, the best color for the lenses is yellow. Tremendous amounts of movement occur in tennis matches, so the sunglasses must have a custom fit and/or a good strap in order to keep them in place. Along with the high levels of activity required for tennis, some sunglasses may fog, so look into fog-resistent lenses or fog-resisting sprays or treatments.

Why should I choose sports sunglasses?

Sports Sunglasses

Sunglasses that protect the eyes, look good, and reduce glare are key for active sports. To enjoy your favorite sport, pick just the right sports sunglasses. Golfers, boaters, and just about anyone who enjoys outdoor sports will benefit from picking the right sunglasses. Look for eye protection, wrap-around glare protection, and polarized lenses to cut glare and reflection on water.

Why are Spy sunglasses the answer for extreme sports

Spy Sunglasses

THE brand name for extreme sports enthusiasts, Spy sunglasses are known for their sharp styling, tough frames and lenses, and wrap-around protection from dust, dirt, and glare. Spy sunglasses are simply the best answer to extreme sports needs.

What sunglasses are best for shooting and hunting?

Hunting and Shooting Sunglasses

Hunters and shooters need special eye protection to ensure that recoil, stray shots, and "blow back" from rifles does not harm their eyes. Many special hunting goggles and glasses are available. Hunters should look for polycarbonate lenses, which will not shatter on impact, polycarbonate frames, because they are flexible, and lenses that are yellow or orange for better vision, even at dusk. polarized lenses enhance outdoor vision, too.

What is "quick change technology"?

Rudy Project Sunglasses Offer a Quick Change

If you indulge in a variety of outdoor sports, you'll love the versatility of Rudy Project sunglasses. Each pair features interchangeable lenses, which they've dubbed "Quick Change Technology." This new technology allows you to quickly switch lenses to manage any light condition. Rudy Project Sunglasses also feature advanced carbonium frames with durable platforms of plastic mixed with carbon, and nickle-copper. Every style in the line has high resistance to corrosion and extreme temperatures.

Do I need sunglasses every time I workout outdoors?

Keeping Your Eyes Sports-safe

As any active person knows, working out indoors all the time gets quite boring. Every once in a while (or even exclusively for some!), an outdoor workout does wonders for mind and body. We don't think twice about protecting our bodies with padding and proper equipment, but often we forget how sensitive our eyes can be when exposed to sunlight. Be sure to wear sunglasses for outdoor exercises and sports that last any length of time. Physical activites require sunglasses with straps that keep them firmly in place on your head.

Are there any sunglass brands that will remove visual distortion?

Reducing Visual Distortion

Smith Sunglasses excel in removing distortion from lens light waves. This distortion is the result of light hitting a curved lens. Tapered Lens Technology of Smith sunglasses corrects the distortion inherent in standard 8 and 9 base lens curves by tapering the lens edge. Because of their excellent optical clarity, innovation, comfort and style, Smith Sunglasses have become a top choice for athletes worldwide.

Why are Ray-Ban sunglasses great for extreme sports?

Ray-Ban Predator Sunglasses

Ray-Ban Predator sunglasses excel at extreme sports because of their extreme styling, wrap-around design and tough materials. Ray-Bans have been around a long time, so they have developed the right design and look for every outdoor sport. Predators will stand up to the competition!

Why are Adidas sunglasses so good for extreme sports wear?

Adidas Sunglasses

Adidas is one of the oldest and most trusted names in sports, so it comes as no surprise that Adidas sunglasses are some of the best sports sunglasses on the market today. Especially suited to extreme sports, Adidas offer special bridge and stem adjustments to custom-fit them to any face. The sunglasses are hip, but more than that, they offer the latest technologies to protect the eyes while still looking great.

What sunglasses do drivers need?

Driving Sunglasses

Driving in daylight can be treacherous if you are not prepared. Glare from the roadway can make it difficult to see details on the road in front of you. That's why investing in a pair (or two) of good driving sunglasses is essential. As you travel, light conditions can change and driving sunglasses should change as well. High quality sunglasses can improve vision clarity and reduce eyestrain.

What sunglasses are best for driving?

Driving Sunglasses

The best sunglasses for driving will cut glare while offering superb color rendition and depth perception. Serengeti is especially known for their series of driving styles that are both stylish and practical. They cut the sun's glare with anti-glare coatings and polarized lenses, and they come in a variety of lens colors that enhance color and depth perception. Frames can be metal or polycarbonate in driving sunglasses, and wrap-arounds are important, especially in convertibles or motorcycles. Another excellent brand for more extreme motor sports is Smith sunglasses. They have interchangeable lenses and excellent color definition.

What sunglasses are best for cycling?

Cycling Sunglasses

The best sunglasses for cycling will have polycarbonate wrap-around frames that protect the eyes from dust and wind like those from Rec Spec. They will have polarized, polycarbonate lenses to reduce glare that are tinted brown, because the brown tint adapts better to many different types of light.

What brand of sports sunglasses offers sturdiness and style?

Sunglasses For a Lifetime

Long-lasting, tough, and stylish. That sums up Von Zipper sunglasses. You can find an array of colors to complement your lifestyle, and still rest assured that every pair is designed with polycarbonate lenses that are lightweight and scratch resistant. With California design and Italian consturction, all Von Zipper sunglasses are made with the highest quality optical materials and provide 100% UVA and UVB protection. Von Zippers even have a lifetime guarantee against manufacturers' defects.

What sunglasses are best for hiking and climbing?

Hiking and Climbing Sunglasses

The best sunglasses for hiking are wrap-around models that will keep out dust, rocks, and glare. The lenses should be brown or bronze to enhance depth perception, and mirrored or polarized. The frame and lenses should be polycarbonate because it is shatterproof. Hikers and climbers should also wear a strap to keep the sunglasses from falling off at the wrong moment.

What sunglasses are best for tennis?

Tennis Sunglasses

The best sunglasses for tennis will have polycarbonate lenses that won't break if the tennis ball hits them, such as Bolle sports lenses. Polycarbonate or nylon frames that are more flexible, and should have a strap to keep them securely in place as you play. polarized lenses will help cut glare on the tennis court, too.

Why are Gargoyles so good for hunting and shooting?

Gargoyles Shooting Sunglasses

Gargoyles shooting sunglasses are a favorite of many hunters and shooters because of their wrap-around styling that provides 210 degrees of distortion-free sight. Gargoyles patented Dual Lens Toric Curve ensures your vision will be free of distortion and refraction, while offering superb depth-perception and clarity. For hunting and shooting, Gargoyles are simply devoted to making the best glasses available.

What kind of quality sunglasses are designed for my active lifestyle?

Form and Function In Wiley X Sunglasses

EyeSave Tip: Sunglasses are manufactured with both form and function in mind. This is because designers know that people want to look good, but still be protected from the sun. When it comes to UV protection during your favorite sporting activities, both traits can be equally important. Take for example Wiley X active sport sunglasses. Their sunglasses are not only shatterproof – perfect for more active sports – but they are incredibly stylish.

High performance glasses by Wiley X are not only designed with appearance in mind, but they are also American National Standards Institute (ANSI) certified. They have quality built right in. This brand is so trusted that they even create goggles for the U.S. military.

So if you're looking for glasses that are not only incredibly functional, but can also make you look good, Wiley X sunglasses may be the brand that fits your active lifestyle.

What type of lenses do I need for my sports sunglasses?

When Choosing Sports Sunglasses, Consider the Type of Lenses You Need

EyeSave Tip: From baseball and cycling to skiing and tennis, sunglasses have been made for virtually every outdoor sport. And within these sports, there are still variations of sunglasses from which to pick and choose.

In baseball there are wrap-around sunglasses and flip-up sunglasses. In cycling there are sunglasses specifically designed for desert lighting conditions and mountain snow conditions, such as those made by Julbo sunglasses. In tennis there are lenses created specifically for depth perception so players can accurately track the ball.

With so many specialty glasses from which to choose, make sure you consider the type of sport you play and the usual lighting conditions where you play before you choose a particular kind and color of lens. Just as importantly, choose glasses that fit you well so they do not prove a distraction while you're playing. The best sport sunglasses will enhance your ability to play in the sun.

Why do athletes need sunglasses?

The Right Sunglasses for Playing Sports

When it comes to playing outdoor sports, it is important to have the right type of sunglasses. You will require something durable and specially crafted for the rough and rugged nature of sports. For anyone who plays soccer, baseball, or basketball, there is always the possibility of a fast-moving ball or hand coming into contact with the eyes, so glasses that are designed for the field or court are incredibly practical.

Some features are especially needed in sports sunglasses. Polycarbonate lenses are a good investment for ball players of all kinds, because they are shatter resistant. Water sporters or sports that involve looking in the air would benefit from polarized lenses which drastically reduce glare. Lightweight glasses are a benefit, as is UV protection, and visual accuracy. There are even some glasses designed with interchangeable lenses to switch between sports and everyday.

There are many brands that make sports sunglasses, including Bolle, Smith, Nike, and Maui Jim for those watersports enthusiasts. Bolle sport sunglasses feature polycarbonate, polarized lenses, so they won't shatter and reduce glare. Smith provides 100% UV protection and lenses that straighten out light for more accurate viewing. Nike, always a top name in sports, has many styles that all include UV protection, lightweight design, and comfort. Maui Jim eliminates glare with all of their sunglasses and ensures clarity with special patented lenses.

Why kind of sunglsses should shooters wear?

Shooting Sunglasses

Most professional shooters look for sunglasses with polycarbonate lenses with a scratch-resistant hard coat and built-in protection. Polycarbonate lenses are highly impact resistant and provide shooters with maximum "blow back" or "bounce back" protection. Sunglasses with yellow or orange lenses will block haze and enhance the orange color of the target, making them ideal for shooters.

Why should I wear Smith sunglasses?

Smith Sunglasses

Smith Optics, Inc. was founded in 1965 with the creation of the first-ever goggle featuring a sealed thermal lens and breathable vent foam. In his early days as a business man, Smith would often trade his sunglasses for lift tickets at ski mountains. Some of the innovations introduced by Smith include Fog-X anti-fog coating, PMT Perforated Membrane Technology lens ventilation system, patented Turbo C.A.M. Constant Air Management system, patented Regulator adjustable lens ventilation system, patented Roll Off's film advance system for motocross, patented ODS (Ocular Docking System) prescription insert, and patented Slider series sunglasses, the most innovative interchangeable lens sunglass available.

Smith sunglasses and googles are the eyewear of choice of action-sport athletes worldwide.

Why are Gargoyle sunglasses good for athletes?

Gargoyle Sunglasses

In business since 1983, the founder of Gargoyle sunglasses realized a need for sunglasses for athletes that offer protection and can also be worn for an extended period of time. Gargoyle's Dual-Lens Toric Curve design is not spherical in shape, unlike other sunglasses lenses. Instead, the lens design features a horizontal curvature similar to that of a 10-base lens, and a vertical curvature similar to that of a 5-base lens. Gargoyle's lenses provide up to 210 degrees of peripheral coverage, which is actually the most extreme wrap on the market. Eye irritation, headaches, and dizziness associated with long-term use of competing lens designs are eliminated because the optical center of each lens can be aligned with the visual center of the eye so visual distortion is minimized when looking straight ahead and when viewing objects at extreme peripheral angles.

Gargoyle sunglasses also have a Zero-Prism Design, which minimizes refraction so that light can be transmitted directly to your eye with virtually no change in direction. Classic Gargoyle sunglasses are 50 times stronger than safety glass and 20 times stronger than structural aluminum.

Why are Bollé Sunglasses good for sports?

Bollé Sunglasses

Bollé offers sunglasses for almost every type of athlete. Bollé sunglasses are designed specifically for sports enthusiasts and have different lenses that are perfect for different sports. For instance, the Competivision lens acts like a filter and mutes out all color except yellow, making them ideal for tennis players. Marine sunglasses by Bollé are polarized making them a good choice for anyone involved in water sports. The cinnamon tinted sunglasses have a brownish tinted lens that highlights the different contrasts in green colors and enhance visual acuity on the golf course.

Bollé has been crafting premium sunglasses, ski goggles, safety eyewear, and military and tactical glasses since 1888. They use the French Alps as a lab for testing their ski goggles and the spring hinges on all of their sunglasses are engineered to provide just the right amount of tension on the temples so frames fit comfortably on athlete's faces.

Famous athletes who have been seen wearing Bollé sunglasses include halfpipe gold medalist Ross Powers and moguls medalist Travis Mayer.

What sunglasses do bikers need?

Motorsports and Your Eyes

It's common sense that activities like motorcycling, mountain biking, dirt biking or other such sports need serious protection of your eyes. You're not just protecting your eyes from the sun's rays, but also any flying debris and/or irritation from the wind. Look for sunglasses that have shatterproof, polycarbonate lenses and wrap around styling to provide maximum eye protection.

What sunglasses are up to the challenges of extreme sports?

Extreme Sports

Extreme sports need extreme sunglass protection. The sunglasses must be tough enough to stand up to demanding conditions while still protecting the eyes effectively. One brand often associated with extreme sports is Smith sunglasses, because their styles are extreme and they give good protection in all conditions.

What sunglasses to outdoor athletes like to wear?

Arnettes: Athletes' Choice

Arnette sunglasses are the cutting edge choice for top surf- and snow-sport enthusiasts. Made with lightweight, polycarbonate or steel frames, Arnette's entire line also promises 100% UV protection on all their lenses. Top names in outdoor sports have their favorite Arnettes. Surfer Bruce Irons wears the sporty AN 4025, skateboarder Mike Vallely prefers the racy AN 4042, and snowboarder Thomas Eberarther can be seen in his ice-inspired AN 4045s.

What kind of sunglasses should I wear for playing baseball?

Baseball Sunglasses

For baseball games that are played in the daylight, sunglasses are extremely important for many reasons. First of all, it is very difficult to catch a baseball when it is sunny out; when you are looking right up at the sun, it will be hard to see the ball and chances are great that you will miss it. It can also harm your eyes to look directly at the sun without protection. Some baseball sunglasses are also optimized to eliminate glare and enhance vision, especially on sunny days.

Some baseball players also choose to wear sunglasses during the night in order to improve their performance. Because it can sometimes be difficult to see properly when playing in a dark stadium with bright lights shining on you, sunglasses that have an anti-reflective coating can offset or absorb the bright stadium lights.

Sunglasses can also be used to protect baseball players from serious injury. Baseball players should choose sunglasses that have shatter-proof polycarbonate lenses and are able to withstand the impact of a baseball. The sunglasses also need a lightweight but durable frame such as one made from polycarbonate. Some baseball sunglasses also have a shield design so that the entire front of the frame is a polycarbonate lens; this way, the lens can be changed, depending on the day's conditions.

What kinds off sungless are good for bicycling?

Cycling Sunglasses

There are many reasons why it is important that you have a good pair of sunglasses when you are involved in bicycling. First of all, debris from the road could easily come up and hit you in the eyes, causing you to damage your eye or lose control of your bicycle. For this reason, many cyclists prefer wrap styles of sunglasses, so debris can't come through the sides of glasses. A wrap style of sunglasses will also protect you against wind.

It is also necessary that you prevent your glasses from fogging up while bike riding. The best way to do this is to purchase sunglasses that have air holes at the top of the frame. In order to prevent glare from the pavement, make sure your sunglasses are polarized; and a photochromatic lens will adjust for varying light conditions for the time of day and weather.

Why should I wear Wiley X sunglasses?

Wiley X Sunglasses

Wiley X sunglasses were designed in 1986 to produce shatterproof eye gear to U.S. Military Special Forces and law enforcement agencies nationwide. Some models of Wiley X sunglasses have actually been tested to withstand a 12 gauge shotgun blast from 10 yards away. Currently, they are a standard issue item with the FBI, D.E.A., Army Rangers, Navy Seal Teams and Military Special Forces in the U.S.

In 1990, Wiley X sunglasses began filling the hole in the need for quality shatterproof eye gear in various retail markets where “impact resistance” is most important, including athletics. They currently supply eyewear and accessories to custom motorcycle shops, general sporting goods, sports shooting, golf, sunglass and extreme sports retailers across the globe.

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