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What is a good brand of sunglasses for my active child?

Sporty Kids' Sunglasses

Protection of you childrens' eyes is certainly important when choosing sunglasses for them. Bolle Sunglasses are a great option because they offer fantastic protection while still being durable and sporty. The frames offer super strong rubber temples and nose pads for comfortable adhesion. The Bolle fortified nylon frame material is comfortably lightweight and virtually indestructible. A good thing for active kids!

Should I buy prescription sunglasses for my child?

Fit-overs Are a Great Fit For Kids

If your child wears prescription eyeglasses, fit-overs sunglasses may be the best option for their outdoor eye protection. Considering the quick rate at which kids grow, their lens prescription may change as often as once a year. It doesn't make much economical sense to purchase prescription sunglasses for them. Fit-over sunglasses are designed to slip comfortably over any pair of eyeglasses. Only one pair is needed no matter how often your kids change prescriptions!

Why should I periodically check my children's' sunglasses?

Maintenance for Kids' Sunglasses

Kids tend to wear out sunglasses faster because they grow out of them, and their active lifestyle is sometimes rough on the sunglasses. Parents should periodically check the sunglasses and frames for cracks, loose screws and other pieces, to make sure the sunglasses are safe and secure for their children. If sunglasses show signs of damage or wear, it's best to replace them with a new pair.

What are amber and orange tinted sunglass lenses best suited for?

Amber and Orange Tints

Amber and orange tints are great for blocking blue light. This makes them especially good in fog, or on cloudy or hazy days. They are often used by hunters, cyclists, and skiers.

Why do kids need sunglasses?

Kids and Sunglasses

Children under 14 are three times as vulnerable to UV damage from the sun's rays, so they need sunglasses. Many companies carry sunglasses and sports goggles specifically for kids, such as Bolle, who has a variety of models sized just for smaller faces.

What type of lens should I look for in kids sunglasses?

Lenses for Kids' Sunglasses

Lenses for kids sunglasses should be impact resistant, because kids can be harder on their sunglasses than adults. Choose polycarbonate lenses for children's sunglasses because they are impact and scratch resistant, and will stand up to sports, school, and playtime much better than glass lenses. Don't choose cheap plastic lenses, because they will not stand up to scratching or breaking.

How much UV radiation should kids' sunglasses filter out?

Why Kids Need Sunglasses

Sunglasses shield your child's eyes from two types of UV radiation. Select only styles that filter out 99 to 100 percent of both UVA and UVB radiation. The more ultraviolet light you can keep out of the eyes, the safer they are. If you can see your child's eyes clearly through the lenses, it's likely they are not dark enough to provide adequate protection. In addition, children should wear large-brimmed hats to further protect their eyes, especially when exposed to the sun for long periods.

What do I look for in kids sunglasses?

Choosing Sunglasses for Kids

Since young eyes are so sensitive to UV rays, picking just the right sunglasses for youngsters is quite important. Many manufacturers create special lenses for children to completely protect their young eyes. Look for 100 percent UV protection and flexible frames that can stand up to kids active lifestyles.

What is a good lightweight sunglass brand for my child?

Lightweight Sunglasses For Kids

When kids play outdoors, there's nothing gentle about it. They need quality sunglasses that can withstand the stress. Revo sunglasses provide excellent resistance to abrasion and scraping, but still offer optimal visual qualities. Kids need sunglasses that are not cumbersome. Many styles of the Revo sunglasses offer special Revo lens treatments. These coatings, pre-applied during manufacturing, help to reduce the thickness and weight of the sunglasses overall so your kids aren't weighed down during play.

How can I get my kids to wear sunglasses?

Getting Your Kids to Wear Sunglasses

You probably won't have much trouble getting your young children to wear sunglasses. It's a bit like dress-up for them. Buy wrap-around sunglasses with large lenses that fit close to the eye. which helps block sun from all directions. If your kids are older, let them help choose their sunglasses. They're more likely to wear them if they like them. No matter what age your child is, remind him/her not to look directly into the sun even when wearing sunglasses. Also, you should wear sunglasses yourself, since children often learn by following your lead.

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