How to Pick Out Sunglasses For the Seasons Tips

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How do I pick the right sunglasses for the season?

How To Pick Out Sunglasses For the Summer and Winter Seasons

EyeSave Tip: Fashionistas take note: sunglasses are not just for summer anymore. Do you know that there are specific styles made for summer and winter? It's not just the styles, mind you, but also the types of lenses that let in the right amount of light for each season.

Take for example summer. When picking the right shades for summer, say a nice pair of Juicy Couture sunglasses, you'll want to find a pair with darker lenses. These will help protect your eyes from harmful UV rays.

When picking out winter shades, look for lighter lenses and a shape that fits your face. The closer fit will help block sunlight reflecting off the horizon and the lighter tint will help your eyes adjust to the various light conditions that occur in the wintertime.

No matter what brand you choose when selecting sunglasses, make sure you get the right lenses for the season. You'll protect your eyes while looking stylish.

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