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Keeping Sunglasses Bright and Shiny

Sunglasses need frequent cleaning to stay at their best. Cleaning kits contain special soft cleaning cloths that will not damage the lenses, tints, or coatings, along with special lens cleaners designed to clean and protect sunglass lenses. Manufacturers may recommend specific types of cloths or cleaners for their sunglasses, so be sure to follow their specific recommendations to keep your sunglasses clean and sparkling all the time. Never use tissues, paper towels, or other items to clean your lenses, they can scratch and damage them. These accessories are a must for anyone who owns sunglasses.

Why do I need a case or pouch for my sunglasses?

Holding on to Your Sunglasses

Sunglasses will last for many years if you only take good care of them, and one of the best ways is to protect them when you aren't wearing them. Always put your sunglasses in a case or pouch to protect them when you don't need them. Hard cases come in a variety of styles and colors to match manufacturer's specific models, and soft cases will fit just about any pair of sunglasses.

Why do I need jewelry for my sunglasses?

Sunglasses Jewelry

Are you always misplacing your sunglasses when you need them the most? Then you need one of these nifty necklaces keep them right where you can find them! Sunglasses jewelry have a little hanger as a decoration, where you can hang your sunglasses when you don't need them, but can find them instantly when you do. When you're not using the necklace as a hanger for sunglasses, it looks just like any other decorative piece of jewelry.

Why do I need accessories for my sunglasses?

Sunglasses Accessories are More than Decoration

Accessories for your sunglasses aren't just for decoration. Some accessories can keep your glasses on your head during outdoor activities, and others can actually help your sunglass investment last much longer. Sunglasses accessories come in all shapes, sizes, and prices, so there are sunglass accessories perfect for everyone, no matter their taste and budget.

How can I protect my sunglasses in the water?

A Great Sunglass Accessory

The new SpeXshade by Proshade is an versatile sun visor that mounts on your sunglasses. It provides maximum sun protection outdoors. It doubles as an eyewear case, and triples as a case for valuables when worn as a visor! When not in use, simply hang it around your neck or from a bag strap or belt loop. If you're engaging in water sports, you'll love the face that is floats, too. If your eyewear is attached to it, it won't sink.

What are croakies and cords and why do I need them?

Sunglasses Croakies and Cords

If you want to hang on to your sunglasses, croakies and cords are your best bet for making sure those sunglasses stay put and don't end up broken and battered and useless to you. Croakies and cords come in a wide variety of styles and colors for every situation, and can be tightened to fit just about any head, keeping sunglasses snug and secure.

Do I need a case for my sunglasses?

Case Closed

So, you got yourself a hot pair of the latest sunglasses. Congratulations. You probably spent a pretty penny on them, so make sure you treat them right. Protect your sunglasses with a great case. In some cases, sunglasses will come with their own cases or bags so you don't have to buy one yourself. These sunglass cases can come in colorful handbag styles from little shoulder bags to structured satchels with zip and buckle trims, and double as a great additional accessory.

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