Celebrity Style

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I want that celeberty look!

Celebrity Style

Do you want to look like a celebrity, or just feel like one? Check out any celebrity snapshot and you're sure to notice a pair of sunglasses hiding their face. Not only are the blocking paparazzi shots, but these fashion conscience stars are sporting the newest look in designer accessories. But since you don't make a cool million at your day job, your best bet it to pick up some designer knockoffs! Take a note from these celebs and find your favorite knock-off:

Paris Hilton: Take a hint from this socialite -- nothing says trust fund like Versace. Paris's favorite pair are from the Versace 2022 collection.

Brad Pitt: People Magazine's Sexiest Man Alive sports the classic Ray-ban look when he steps outside. Whether you're "Top Gun" or "Legends of the Fall," aviator sunglasses by Ray-ban never go out of style.

Sienna Miller: She may be young, but Sienna Miller has bold taste. Whether she's strolling the streets of London or channeling Edie Sedgwick, Sienna keeps it retro in her Gucci shades.

Harrison Ford: No one does sexy like Indiana Jones. Well, maybe Hans Solo. If your digging through caves or flying through space, take a hint from Harrison Ford and look into Serengeti Sunglasses.



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