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How do I protect my eyes while I'm golfing?

Get Wrap-Around Sunglasses To Help Protect Your Eyes and Help Your Golf Game

EyeSave Tip: Golf is a great sport to play and can be fun to watch. However, when you're outdoors playing 18 holes over a stretch of hours, the sun can take its toll on your eyes. Wearing sunglasses is a great way to protect your eyes, but did you know that there are specialty sunglasses made especially for the golfer?

Some of the best golf-specific sunglasses are called wrap-arounds. They are called so because they wrap all the way around your eyes, reducing the sun's glare from all angles. This can help especially when you're driving off the tee in the direction of the sun.

If you don't have time to get prescription golf sunglasses, you can invest in Cocoons Fitovers sunglasses. As the name implies, they easily fit over your current prescription glasses and help protect you from the sun's advanced UV rays.

So the next time you go golfing, wear your wrap-around lenses. Not only will they protect your eyes from the sun when you're trying to track your ball, but they will probably help your game too.

Are there sunglasses designed for golfers?

Sunglasses for Golfers

Barry Ozer is the founder and CEO of 535s, which has come out with the new 535s Sport Optics eyewear for golf. These specialized sunglasses have unique lenses that filter out red and blue light but let green light in. (A handy thing on the gold course!) Contrast and visual acuity in the green part of the spectrum is enhanced. This lets golfers see both near and far objects on the course, such as the flag stick.

What are NYX Golf sunglasses?

NYX Golf Sunglasses

If you're looking for sunglasses created especially for golfers, look no further than NYX Golf sunglasses. These glasses feature large lenses, wrap-around styling, and polycarbonate or carbon frames that will stand up to weather and abuse. The lenses also come in three different colors so you can mix or match depending on different light conditions on the course.

Are there sunglasses for golfers?

Golfing Sunglasses

Even golfers should own well-designed sunglasses. Although you may think you're getting enough protection from the sun with a head visor, this is not the case. Golf requires visual acuity whether you are lining up a put, finding your ball in the rough, or filling out your scorecard. Distortion of color or clarity is not a good thing! Golf sunglasses need to be comfortable and lightweight days when you're playing 36 holes. The design must allow for the maximum field of view without interfering with your swing.

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