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How do I choose the most flattering glasses for my face?

Consider Your Face Shape When Choosing Sunglasses

EyeSave Tip: Some people consider sunglasses as just another accessory. Others consider them to be a crucial part of their entire outfit. No matter how you see them, sunglasses can add a little attitude to your ensemble, so it's important to find ones that fit correctly. When choosing sunglasses, take your face shape into account to find the most flattering fit.

There are a few different types of face shapes. Look in the mirror to find out your face shape. View your entire face (you may need to pull back your hair); does it look oval, square, round (circular) or triangular?

  • If your face is oval, then you're lucky. Almost any frame shape will fit your face.
  • If you face is a square shape, you'll want to choose frames that are curved.
  • If your face is round, then square, boxy frames will be the most flattering.
  • If your face is triangular with a wide forehead and a pointed or narrow chin, choose thin rims to help your forehead appear less broad.
  • If your face is an inverted triangle, choose frames that make your forehead seem wider. Cat-eye frames may be perfect for you.
And finally, when you're choosing sunglasses consider the designer. Gucci sunglasses are created with style in mind — they may just be the right accent to your outfit.

What kind of sunglass frame should I choose for my oblong face?

Choosing Sunglasses for the Oblong Face

If your face is angular but longer on the sides, with an angular jaw and forehead, you have an angular face.

You can choose big, bold sunglass frames to cover as much of the center of your face as possible. This will minimize the long quality of your face. It will also draw the person's eye to the center of your face, rather than the angular edges.

There are plenty of big sunglass frames waiting for you to choose them. Try the UrbanSpecs Boutique - Hard Rock, The Christian Dior Ragga 1, or the Michael Kors model MKS509. Whatever you choose, wear your bold sunglasses with style and you'll look great!

What kind of sunglass frame should I choose for my square face?

Choosing Sunglasses for the Square Face

If you have an equally strong forehead and jaw line that match the sides of your face you have a square face.

The very best frame shape for you is an oval or round shape that will help soften and minimize your jaw line. Look for larger oval or round frames if you have a larger face, and smaller frames if your face is smaller.

Some great frames for your face type include the Dragon Spree, Coach Lindsay, Julbo Colorado and Drus, and the Ralph Lauren 876/S. You should be able to find just the right frame to fit your face and your budget!

What kind of sunglass frame should I choose for my round face?

Choosing Sunglasses for the Round Face

If your face is all-over round, you will want to choose frames that do not accentuate that roundness. They could make your face look larger than it really is.

You want to look for square or angular frames to draw attention away from the roundness of your face. Again, you don't want to choose frames that are too large or too small, because they will not complement your face.

Some of the best frames for you include Ralph Lauren model 885/S, Gucci model 1407, and Dirty 8 by Bolle Low-Low. Luckily, there are plenty of these angular designs for you to choose from!

How should sunglasses fit on my face?

How to Fit Sunglasses

When you look at sunglass frames, you will notice some numbers printed on the inside of the frames. These numbers can tell you a lot about fit.

* The first number you see is the manufacturers' model number.
* Then you will see the number that indicates the color.
* The next number is the "eye size" which will tell you the width of the actual lens.
* Next is the bridge size, which will tell you the width of the bridge that sits across your nose. Sometimes this number is located on the bridge piece itself.
* Finally you'll see the temple length, which will tell you the length of the arm from front to back edge.

These numbers can help you find the proper fit for your sunglasses, so make a note of the numbers on a pair of sunglasses that fit you very well, and then shop with those numbers in mind.

What kind of sunglass frame should I choose for my oval face?

Choosing Sunglasses for the Oval Face

If you have a long face that tapers at the chin and forehead, you have an oval face. You're lucky, because you can choose just about any shaped frame and it will complement your face!

Make sure that you choose a frame that does not overpower your face, however. If you buy sunglasses that are too large, they will make your face look small and insignificant.

If you choose sunglasses that are too small, they will look like your face is too big for the glasses. Too small sunglasses also may not protect the eyes as well as bigger glasses would. So, choose the right size and shape to complement your face.

Are thick-framed sunglasses in fashion?

Classic Sunglasses Still Going Strong

Audrey Hepburn and Jackie O. made thick framed sunglasses all the rage. It's a statement that's still going strong in 2006. These classic sunglasses never seem to go out of fashion, which makes them a good investment. They're perfect choices for round faces as they give the face angles and lines. Rounder styles suit square faces and light tones look great on those with oval or heart shaped faces.

Why should I choose metal sunglass frames?

Metal Sunglass Frames

Metal frames are better than plastic and polycarbonate frames in many situations. Metals come in a variety of types, from base metals to titanium, aluminum, and stainless steel. Metals are light, thin, and non-corrosive. They are good for many different types of working environments, and can help decrease the weight in sunglasses with glass lenses. They also can look extremely stylish, and come in a wide variety of shapes and styles.

Can sunglasses fit in a fashionable and active lifestyle?

Fashion or Active Sunglasses?

It used to be, sunglasses were either fashionable or created for active sports like skiing, and the two often did not mix. Today's sunglasses can be at home on the slopes, in the car, and at the mall if you choose the right style and frame. For example, Vuarnet Sunglasses are known for their superb glare fighting characteristics, but they are stylish enough to wear everyday for just about every activity.

How should I choose the right sunglass frame for my particular facial shape and size?

There's More to Choosing Sunglass Frames Than Just Style

When you choose sunglass frames, you should look for the right material for the right use, and frames that fit well. However, you should also look for frames that fit the shape of your face. If you choose the wrong frame it will not complement your face at all, and will make you look like you belong on "Style Court" instead of in style. There are several different basic facial shapes, and certain frames complement certain shapes. We'll talk about each shape and what frame is right for each. So, before you choose your sunglass frames, make sure you're certain what shape is right for you!

Why are Silhouette sunglasses frames unique?

Silhouette Sunglasses Hingeless Frames

Frames come in all shapes and sizes, and one of the most unique is the Silhouette sunglasses hingeless frame system. This unique and stunning design has won several international design awards, and helps these sunglasses stand up to active lifestyles while still retaining excellent style and fashion.

What kind of sunglass frame should I choose for my diamond-shaped face?

Choosing Sunglasses for the Diamond-Shaped Face

If your face is wider at the cheekbones and tapers to a narrow hair and jaw line, you have a diamond-shaped face. Diamonds are the least common of facial shapes. That makes them a little trickier to fit with the right frame, but it can be done!

Look for shapes that will emphasize your eyes and highlight the cheekbones. That means you can look at frames that have detailing or distinctive top lines, are rimless, or have sharp oval or cat-eye type shapes.

Some good sunglass frames for you might include the Hobie Dana, the LaFont Jersey, and the Arnette model 3011. There are many of these styles available from designers and sports manufacturers, so you can look good during any activity.

Why should I choose plastic sunglass frames?

Plastic Sunglass Frames

Plastic sunglass frames are great for many situations. They are quite flexible, and many manufacturers use plastic in children's sunglass frames because it will bend and stand up to active lifestyles. Plastics are lightweight, and can be decorated with cut-outs and other designs.

Can I choose designer frames for my sunglasses?

Designer Sunglass Frames

Designer frames come in just about every style, shape, and design, from some of the top designers in the world, like Gucci sunglasses, Christian Dior sunglasses, and Chanel sunglasses. Their frames are trendy, stylish, and always right in any social or high-fashion situation.

Why should I choose polycarbonate sunglass frames?

Polycarbonate Sunglass Frames

Polycarbonate sunglass frames are stronger than plastic, and can take much more abuse than plastic frames. They come in a wide variety of colors and designs, and can be decorated with cut-outs. Polycarbonate is usually more expensive than simple plastic frames.

What does my skin tone have to do with my sunglasses?

Choose Frames That Complement Your Skin Tone, too.

Everyone has different skin tones and colors, too.

There are two basic skin tones, cool (blue) and warm (yellow).

Cool complexions have blue or pink undertones, and warm complexions have that "peaches and cream" healthy glow, or yellow undertones. For example, if you have an olive complexion your skin is cool because it mixes blue and yellow.

Knowing your complexion base can help you choose the right color frame for your face. For example, if you have a cool complexion, yellows and oranges may make you look washed out and sallow, while pinks and reds may make you look vibrant and alive.

Experiment with the colors of your frames and lenses along with the size and shape to choose just the right frame for your face, your coloring, and your style.

What kind of sunglass frame should I choose for my heart-shaped or triangular face?

Choosing Sunglasses for the Heart-Shaped or Triangular Face

Do you have a heart-shaped or triangular face?

If you have a narrow chin with a peak dipping in your forehead from your scalp, you have a romantic, heart-shaped face. The best frame for you will help balance your face, making the narrow bottom look wider and more substantial.

So, you should look for a frame with a strong lower edge, either wider or with detail at the lower edge of the frame. This will draw attention to the bottom of the frame and make your face look wider near the chin.

Frames with heavy top edges and little or no bottom edge will not be as attractive on you as others. Some good examples of this type of frame are the Bolle Action Sports, D & G DD2175 and DD2176, and the Dickies Dagger.


Face for Fashion

Oval face - An oval face is a balanced face. The chin will be slightly more narrow than the forehead and those with an oval face normally have high cheekbones.
Round face - A round face is full with very few angles and often the width is equal to the length.
Square face - A square face will have a wide chin, broad forehead or strong angles in the forehead and chin.
Heart face - A heart shaped face typically has a wider forehead and high cheekbones which taper down to a smaller chin

Why should I choose rimless frames?

Rimless Sunglass Frames

Rimless frames are popular for style, weight, and lens shape. If you need a specific lens shape, or don't like heavy eyewear, rimless frames, that are held together with wire or plastic thread may be a great option. Ray Ban is just one of the manufacturers who makes stylish rimless lenses in several different shapes.

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