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What is a good style of discount sunglasses for motor sports?

Hard Core Sports Need Panoptx Sunglasses

Panoptx sunglasses are designed for those who engage in more rugged sports like motorcycling, snowboarding, and military and/or tactical activities. The Velocity series offers a snug fit around the eyes to keep out dust, dirt, and rushing wind. The Speed series offers the "Air Dam," which allows air circulation, when needed. Other styles have variochromatic lenses, which automatically adjust to varying light conditions, changing tint from a light copper to a dark gray. You can test this by covering half the lens and exposing it to sunlight. Best of all, with a little research, you'll find the entire line available at discounted prices.

How can I test the quality of a sunglass lens?

Discount Sunglasses 101: Lenses

When shoping for discount sunglasses, you need to consider what kinds of lenses you need: Plastic or glass? If plastic, the hard resin "CR-39" along with the light, strong polycarbonate lenses meet optical quality standards. Glass lenses will make your sunglasses heavier, but they won't scratch as easily. Cheap sunglasses cause images to distort, so try this test: Find a repeating pattern, like a tiled floor. Hold the sunglasses a few inches from your face, cover one eye, and move the sunglasses slowly up and down, left and right. Look through one of the lenses. The lines shold stay straight. If lines wiggle or seem to move, they're not optical quality and will distort your vision.

What sunglasses were worn in the film, "Matrix Trilogy"?

Star Sunglasses

Forget what sunglasses the celebrities are wearing, why not wear the sunglasses that have been featured in actual films? Blinde sunglasses have appeared in such hit movies as "Charlie's Angels," "Tomb Raider," and the "Matrix Trilogy." Many of the cleverly-named styles like "Bambino," "Fellini," and "Bagel" are designed with sleek lines & elegant curves. They also feature durable, comfortable frames and impact-resistant lenses that ensure superb optical clarity.

What kind of tint do I need in my discount sunglass lenses?

Discount Sunglasses 101: Tint

The way you plan to use your sunglasses is going to determine the tint you should have in the lenses. Outdoor sports require a tint that blocks most light. Ninety-seven percent or more is ideal. Going to the beach or driving in the sun means you need a tint that blocks 70-90 percent of the light. Sunglasses with tints that block 60 percent of the light don't offer much protection, but if you're planning to wear them for fashion purposes only, they're not a bad choice.

What are discount sunglass frames made of?

Discount Sunglasses 101: Frames

Everyone likes to look good in the sunglasses they wear. They are as much protective tools for our eyes as they are fashion accessories. The cost and durability of the sunglass frames depend on the material used to make them. Strong, lightweight composite or metal frames are typically used for name-brand sunglasses, while plastic or wire are used for discounted versions. The higher-quality sunglasses generally have tension springs connecting the arms to the face, while many less expensive sunglasses use screws. In the end it's a matter of taste: what features you're willing to sacrifice to look good while still protecting your eyes.

What is a good brand of discount sunglasses for water sports?

Great Discount Sunglasses for Water Sports

Looking for a reliable brand of sunglasses for water sports? Costa del Mar sunglasses are famous for their polarized lens technology. The patented WAVE 580 lens provides enhanced color discrimination and sharper contrast to aid vision in bright sunlight. Each pair not only offers 100% polarization, but most of the styles are designed so that you can take them to your optometrist to have prescription lenses put in them. No more fumbling between eyeglasses and sunglasses when you're out waterskiing, sailing or fishing!

Do sunglasses with special lens coatings cost more?

Discount Sunglasses 101: Coatings

It's not hard to find quality sunglasses that suit your needs and protect your eyes. Keep in mind, however, that many sunglass manufacturers use advanced technologies on their lenses to increase the clarity, improve protection, increase contrast, and/or block certain type of light. Unfortunately, you'll end up paying more for these features. Likewise, scratch-resistant, anti-reflective coatings or waterproofing, will improve the sunglasses but add to the cost.

Why are some discount sunglasses shipping costs so high?

Shipping Costs Out of Sight?

There's another thing to watch for when you shop for discount sunglasses online. What are the shipping costs? Some dealers offer low, low prices but make it up in higher than average shipping costs. Shipping costs should be reasonable, especially since sunglasses are so lightweight and easy to ship. Outrageous shipping costs are just another way to gouge the customer, and may make your bargain price not such a bargain after all. So, before you order your discount sunglasses online, find out exactly what your shipping costs will be. Then weigh the costs with the discount price and see what dealer really offers discount pricing overall.

What accessories should come with my discount sunglasses?

Accessories and Discount Sunglasses

If you purchase discount sunglasses, just because you get a discount shouldn't mean you shouldn't get accessories with your purchase. For example, do your discount sunglasses come with a case, or do you have to purchase it separately? Most reputable sunglass dealers offer cases free with all their glasses. If you have to purchase a case extra, your price may not be so "discount" after all. Many dealers also give out free lens cleaning mini-kits with their glasses, to make sure you maintain your sunglasses properly. If these items are extras from your sunglasses dealer, you may want to shop around before you buy. Find a reputable dealer that offers the right accessories with your glasses. They will also offer other accessories you may need, like cords, at a reduced price, too.

Does my dealer offer discount sunglasses clearance specials?

Check for Clearance Items

Does your sunglass dealer offer special clearance prices? Many dealers offer clearance specials throughout the year on older or discontinued sunglasses. That means you can save big money with these clearance items. Many discounted items will be sold at clearance at even bigger savings, and the glasses are still high-quality brand names you can trust. When you shop for discount sunglasses, be sure to check for special clearance items or online sales. Check back often too, because these discount clearance sunglasses change often.

What is a good brand of sunglasses that offers polarized lenses?

Polarized Lenses

Finding a pair of discount sunglasses with polarized lenses is a real find...but where to start? Try Serengeti sunglasses, specifically their Strata model. When normal, parallel rays of light bounce off surfaces like windshields, windows, water or ice, they create random light waves. The glare that's produced from the reflected light waves can cause eye irritation. Serengeti's Strata lenses work like microscopic Venetian blinds by gathering and organizing the light. This, in turn, eliminates glare and reduces eye fatigue.

If I wear eyeglasses, how can I shield my eyes from the sun?

Clip-on Sunglasses

If you normally wear eyeglasses, one way to save money on sunglasses is to purchase clip-ons. These are shaded lenses that clip to your prescription glasses directly. Some come with a magnetic frame that attaches to your glasses. Fit-overs are another option. Fit-overs are sunglasses designed to fit over prescription lenses, giving you two pairs of glasses, but only requiring the removal of one set of glasses when coming indoors.

Are discount sunglasses low quality?

Discount not Low Quality

Discount sunglasses don't have to be low quality. Shopping online for sunglasses can save time and money because online merchants do not have to pay high overhead such as rent and display. However, always choose quality discount sunglasses merchants who offer money-back guarantees and carry name-brand sunglasses at reasonable prices.

Does a higher price mean better quality in sunglasses?

High-Priced Sunglasses

High-priced sunglasses are not necessarily better than lower priced alternatives. High-prices do not guarantee quality, the buyer should look for good quality polycarbonate or glass lenses, strong frames, and coatings to indicate the sunglasses will do their job and protect from harmful UV rays of the sun. Discount sunglasses are often better quality than higher priced sunglasses, so don't shop by price only when you shop for sunglasses, look for reputation and a reputable dealer.

What is optimum pricing?

Watch for "Optimum Pricing"

High-quality discount sunglasses can be found from reputable dealers. Make sure you watch for sales and "optimum pricing." Sometimes dealers get the chance to buy out existing inventories of sunglasses, and they pass the savings they get on to their customers.

This is called "optimum pricing." You can look for this type of pricing on dealer's web sites, and you can be assured that this is the best possible price the dealer can offer on these particular sunglasses. So, take advantage of optimum pricing when you shop for discount sunglasses! You'll save money and still be assured you are buying high-quality glasses.

What features to Black Flys sunglasses offer?

It's Hip to Be Fly

When shopping for great-looking discount sunglasses, you can't go wrong with Black Flys. They offer sassy styles that fit an urban lifestyle. Although they are discounts, Black Flys sunglasses don't sacrifice quality, which means you'll be protected as well as fashionable. Each of the styles provide durable metal or nylon frames designed with contours that hug the face, and self-locking screws to hold arms in place. The distortion-free polycarbonate lenses are impact-resistant and ensure 100% UVA/UVB protection, which means you'll be protected as well as fashionable.

How can I find a reputable discount sunglasses dealer?

Shopping for Discount Sunglasses

When you shop for discount designer sunglasses you need to be sure you are dealing with a quality merchant.

* Find out how long they have been in business.
* Ask for satisfied customers.
* Find out about their return policy and shipping costs.

A reputable sunglasses dealer should carry most of the well-known brands and their prices should be competitive but not unbelievably low. They should stand behind the merchandise they sell. Finding just the right sunglass dealer may take a little time, but once you do you can be sure of the quality of the glasses you buy.

How do I avoid paying retail price for my designer sunglasses?

Why Pay Full Retail Price? Get Discounts On Name-Brand Sunglasses Online

EyeSave Tip: Getting new sunglasses can be incredibly time consuming. You go to store after store in the mall, trying on pair after pair until – usually hours later – you find the exact right pair for you. Then what do you do? You turn around and fork over the full retail price for the glasses.

However, did you know that you can get the same name brand sunglasses with the manufacturer's warranty in-tact for less than the price you would pay in the store? That's right. You can get real designer sunglasses online for less.

Some people forget that you can get discount sunglasses online from reputable retailers, or they don't want to wait for shipping, so they end up paying full price in the store. But what's an extra day when you can save $40 - $100 or more by logging on to the computer?

So, the next time you consider paying full retail price for sunglasses, stop what you're doing and log on to your computer. You'll be doing yourself and your wallet a huge favor.

I’m always loosing my sunglasses because I take them off and forget to pick them up again. Are there any stylish cords I can use to keep my sunglasses with me?

Croakies For Your Cheap Designer Sunglasses

So you bought yourself some cheap designer sunglasses. Since you saved yourself some money why not spend a few dollars making sure you don't loose them. Croakies revolutionized the eyewear industry in the late 1970s with their stylish cords for sunglasses and have since probably saved many a pair of sunglasses from a horrible fate.

Croakies come in two different styles. The rubber variety is made from high quality neoprene which is both adjustable and washable. There is also the cotton suiter croakeis made from soft quality cotton yarn. You can adjust the fit for a tighter or looser grip for maximum comfort. Just because you scored yourself a pair of cheap designer sunglasses doesn't mean they don't deserve some stylish accessories.

Croakies do more than just look cool, they can also save your sunglasses from being lost or damaged. These are the perfect life line for your cheap designer sunglasses if you are anywhere near deep water or hiking over rough terrain. Without a pair of croakies your sunglasses could easily fall off and sink into oblivion or suffer damage if they hit rocky ground. So since you saved some dough on those sunglasses splurge a little and get yourself some Croakies.

I bought a pair of sunglasses that I love and I want to know the best way to care for them so they last.

Caring For Inexpensive Sunglasses

Just because you didn't lay out top dollar for your inexpensive sunglasses doesn't mean you shouldn't take care of them. Just like you'd baby those pricey Prada sunglasses, you should show those less expensive pair some love and they will continue to look great and last.

The best defense against damage is to keep your inexpensive sunglasses in a case when not being worn. A hard shell case is best and will protect your lenses from scratches and prevent frames from being bent or broken if they are dropped or squished. You should also take care never to leave plastic frames in direct sunlight. Hot temperatures can warp plastic frames so never leave them on the dashboard of your vehicle or sitting out in the sun for prolonged periods of time.

When cleaning your inexpensive sunglasses the optimum way is with a proper cleaning solution and a lens cloth. If you don't have those handy a damp lint-free cloth with do in a pinch. So you don't get caught using your shirt, always keep a cleaning cloth in your sunglass's case for those wiping emergencies.

: I can’t afford expensive sunglasses. Can you give me any tips on buying a good pair of bargain sunglasses?

What To Look For When Buying Bargain Sunglasses

Just because you're shopping for bargain sunglasses doesn't mean you shouldn't have standards. After all, what good are bargain sunglasses that don't block UV rays or are uncomfortable to wear? Here's a guide to use when seeing if your bargain sunglasses measure up.

When shopping for bargain sunglasses be sure the lenses are dark enough to filter out 75 to 90% of the sun's harmful UV rays. This will save your eyes from permanent sun damage. Also, blocking out the sun's bright light will eliminate squinting which can cause unsightly wrinkles later on.

If you decide to choose bargain sunglasses with plastic lenses make sure those lenses have a scratch resistant coating on them to protect them from damage. There's nothing worse than trying to look through lenses with huge scratches in them and it could cause unnecessary strain on your eyes. For the ultimate in eye protection you may want to consider the wrap around style of sunglass lenses. These are trendy right now and offer protection on the top, bottom and sides of the eyes with their face hugging shape.

The frames you choose are also a huge factor as to whether or not your bargain sunglasses will be a great deal. Opt for lightweight lenses that are sturdy such as nylon or composite frames. Metal frames can look great but they may end up being too heavy and uncomfortable to wear. Bargain sunglasses with adjustable nose rests are also a bonus for added comfort.

Do cheaper sunglasses off as much UV protection as the more expensive ones?

Cheap Sunglasses: Are They Worth It?

Cheap sunglasses may be easy on your wallet but if you choose the wrong pair they could be very damaging to your eyes. Many people think that just because they're wearing sunglasses their eyes are protected but if those shades don't meet certain codes you're better off not wearing them at all.

Always look for sunglasses that have a certification sticker on them saying that they block out the minimum required UV rays. The pupils of your eyes naturally constrict in sunlight but if they are behind cheap sunglasses that don't block harmful rays they will actually let in more light. This can increase the damage to your eyes from harmful UV rays.

So how do you know if your cheap sunglasses offer enough protection? A quick at home test is to put on your sunglasses and look in the mirror. If you can see your eyes clearly through your sunglass lenses they may not be dark enough to offer the right level of protection. If you are still unsure about the safety of your sunglasses you can take them to your optometrist where they will perform a UV blockage test.

Don't forget the kids when buying sunglasses. Though you may be tempted to buy a very cheap pair of sunglasses for your kids because they might loose them or scratch them don't forget their little eyes need proper protection too. If you can't find quality sunglasses for your children or don't want to spend the money on the good ones you're better off outfitting them with a wide brimmed hat.

I’m thinking of saving some money by buying discount Prada sunglasses but I’m worried the ones that are cheaper won’t be as nice as the expensive ones. Is this true?

Look Devilishly Good In Discount Prada Sunglasses

If the devil wears Prada sunglasses then you got to hand it to him…the guy's got good taste. For those of us who don't have money burning a hole in our pocket you can look just as stylish for less with discount Prada sunglasses.

For those who like an understated, streamlined look try a sleek metal frame with black and red temples. This style is suitable for both men and women. If you're a devil for a deal look around for places selling discount Prada sunglasses and snag a pair for less than what the big stores would charge you.

If you like your sunglasses to be bold try a pair with wide tortoiseshell frames. A thick accent of turquoise at the temple adds a splash of color. Buy these babies at a discount Prada sunglasses retailer and have enough money left over for day out to show off your new shades.

For those with a girly side there's always room for purple. Try a pair of purple framed discount Prada sunglasses with bold stripes of beige and black across the front of the frames. These frames are feminine yet sporty and are sure to get noticed. They also offer 100% UV protection, as all Prada sunglasses do, so you'll look great and smart…what a combination.

Can I really find designer sunglasses at a discount?

Designer AND Discount?

Yes, it's true; you can find high-quality brand name designer sunglasses at a discount! Selling sunglasses online allows dealers to lower their overhead, which means lower prices to you. There are many online discount dealers, so you have to make sure you find one that has been in business for a long time, and guarantees its merchandise. The dealer should charge fair shipping costs, and offer you a credit if the sunglasses you choose don't fit properly, too. Many dealers will only offer an exchange, so make sure your dealer offers a credit if you are not completely satisfied. It is possible to find the best sunglasses at the lowest prices if you shop around, compare, and check out your dealer before you buy. You'll be happy you did, and so will your eyes!

What are knock-off discount sunglasses?

Beware of Knock-off Discount Sunglasses

"Knock-off" discount sunglasses are difficult to spot, except by their incredibly low prices. Watch out for these glasses, they can be very dangerous to your eyes. These glasses are cheap because they use cheap materials and do not guarantee UV protection and optical quality. Real name-brand manufacturers will guarantee the dependability of their sunglasses. They use high-quality materials to ensure your safety and your satisfaction with their merchandise. Knock-offs can be dangerous for a variety of reasons. The materials are cheap, and so they can break or shatter and this could injure your eyes. The lenses are not high-quality optical materials, and this too could injure your eyes in time. Always look for reputable discount sunglass dealers, and avoid cheap, "too good to be true" prices.

What are "replica" sunglasses?

Spotting Fake Discount Sunglasses

If the deal seems to good to be true, then maybe you should think twice before you purchase those sunglasses. Fake sunglasses are easy to spot. Often they are advertised as "replica" glasses, and that is your first clue that the sunglasses are low-cost ripoffs of big name sunglasses. They may be cheaper than the brand names, but they are often made out of cheap materials that do not protect your eyes nearly as well as the real thing. Look for distortion free lenses and quality workmanship before you buy to make sure you are really getting your money's worth.

How is it that some places on the internet can sell designer sunglasses so cheap? Are they inferior products?

Be A Smart Shopper By Snagging Designer Sunglasses For Less

For those who love a great deal there is a certain joy in scoring a trendy pair of designer sunglasses for less than full price. These inexpensive sunglasses are every bit the same quality sunglasses that sell for more, just without the scary price tag. So how can a business afford to sell the same designer sunglasses for less? Usually you will find your best bargains on the Internet. This is because selling via a website doesn't incur the same costs as a traditional brick and mortar business does. There is no building or land rental, and no building maintenance costs that cause traditional businesses to up their profits to absorb these costs. An Internet company has a much lower overhead so they can pass the savings on to their customers via a lower profit margin.

Since you can snag these designer sunglasses for less they make a great gift for that hard-to-buy-for person. Everyone loves sunglasses and who wouldn't love a pair of designer Prada or Christian Dior sunglasses? You can spoil your friends and family and, if you're so inclined, you can let them think you really splurged by not revealing your money saving source.

If you want to purchase a pair of designer sunglasses for less for someone, but aren't comfortable picking sunglasses for someone else why not send them a gift certificate and let them get the sunglasses of their dreams? Yes, this does involve revealing what you spent on them but hey, they'll probably be impressed with your bargain shopping savvy. The best part of online gift certificates is they are sent via an email to the recipient. This means you can order their gift certificate online and don't have to worry about sending the certificate to them (perfect for last minute gifts!). The gift certificate will be sent via email with a special code that the recipient can use during the checkout phase of their online shopping. How easy is that?

I’ve always wanted to own a pair of designer sunglasses but they’re so expensive. Is there any way to get an authentic pair of designer sunglasses for less?

Discount Sunglasses: Designer Looks For Less

Designer sunglasses look fabulous and make a strong fashion statement but what if your budget won't allow for those designer prices? Thankfully, there are discount sunglasses stores that offer the same designer sunglasses but at smaller prices. There are many authorized resellers of designer sunglasses that can offer you discount sunglasses by your favorite designers. A great place to find such companies is on the Internet.

The best way to know how great a deal you're getting is to choose which designer sunglasses you want and then check out their company website. Find out what they sell their sunglasses for and then shop around. Compare prices from other merchants until you find the best deal.

One word of warning though: if it seems like too good a deal it probably isn't legit. You'll want to be sure that the discount sunglasses you're buying are the genuine article and not some knock off. Check out the website and see if they do indeed guarantee that their merchandise is authentic. You'll also want to make note of any warranty claims. Your discount sunglasses should still be covered by the designer's manufacturer's warranty.

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