You Don't Have to be a Pilot to Wear Aviator Sunglasses

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How did aviator sunglasses become a fashion trend?

You Don't Have to be a Pilot to Wear Aviator Sunglasses

Aviator sunglasses were developed in 1936 when the U.S. military commissioned Ray Ban to create superior sunglasses for pilots in the Air Force. These special sunglasses needed to protect against sun and glare without decreasing visibility while flying a plane. In order to achieve this, Ray Ban designed dark, teardrop-shaped lenses that block the sun from every angle to keep out as much light as possible. While these sunglasses were originally designed for the military, you can find just about anyone wearing this vintage style today.

Aviator sunglasses became well known to the public after a famous general was photographed wearing them in WWII. They became even more popular in the 1980's after Tom Cruise sported a pair in the movie Top Gun. Since then, aviator sunglasses have continued to be a popular choice with both military personal and those searching for a defined look. For a modern day take on this classic look, check out the latest styles of Ray Ban Aviator sunglasses.



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