Gucci Sunglasses: The Best Frames for Round, Oval and Oblong Faces

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I always have trouble deciding which frames look best on my face. Do you have any guide that would help?

Gucci Sunglasses: The Best Frames for Round, Oval and Oblong Faces

There's no doubt that a pair of Gucci sunglasses look great on any face. Yet there are some styles that will suit your face better than others. When you are choosing sunglasses to compliment your face shape you should pick frames that contrast your face shape while remaining in scale with the size of your face.

Round faces should choose angular, narrow frames to help lengthen the appearance of your face. Rectangular frames work best to accomplish this. If your face is petite yet round opt for thinner frames. Those with larger, round faces should go for bolder frames.

An oval face is considered the easiest face shape to compliment. Wider frames work well or walnut shaped Gucci sunglasses that are not too deep or narrow. Just remember to keep them in proportion with your face size and you'll look stunning.

An oblong face should opt for Gucci sunglasses with some top to bottom depth for the best balancing effect. Also frames with decorative temples or temples that contrast from the rest of the frame add width to a long face.



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