Rayban Sunglasses and Contact Lenses: The Perfect Duo

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I wear contact lenses. Do I need to wear sunglasses to protect my eyes too?

Rayban Sunglasses and Contact Lenses: The Perfect Duo

If you wear contact lenses you know all too well that you need to take special precautions with your eyes. Anyone who has had wind blown specs of dirt into their eyes while wearing contact lenses knows the special kind of agony having something lodged under your lens can create. To help prevent this don't leave home without your pair of Rayban sunglasses in place to help block any foreign debris on those windy days.

Strong winds can easily and quickly dry out your contact lenses, making them uncomfortable to wear. Since we can't always stop right where we are and administer eye drops you can shield your eyes from those pesky drying winds, and look stylish while doing so, with a pair of Rayban sunglasses.

As if deflecting dirt and wind wasn't enough work for these super eye saving sunglasses, don't forget that Rayban sunglasses also block harmful UV rays. While many contact lenses on the market offer UV protection right in the lens that doesn't mean you still don't need those shades. Your contact lens only covers a portion of your eye, leaving the rest exposed to potential damage. Rayban sunglasses protect your entire eye, and the delicate skin around your eye from damage. So before you go out, be sure to protect those contact lenses and those eyes with a pair of quality sunglasses such as Rayban sunglasses.



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