See Every Inch of the Road With Smith Interchangeable Lenses

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Where can I get one pair of sunglasses to help me perform multiple activities?

See Every Inch of the Road With Smith Interchangeable Lenses

EyeSave Tip: Whether you're driving into the sunset or cycling through the mountains, you know that your eyes need to see every inch of the road. However, different situations call for different lenses. So you cut the sun's glare by wearing polarized lenses made especially for driving, and you cut the snow glare by wearing sunglasses with an amber or yellow tinted lens. However, did you know that you can now wear the same pair of sunglasses for these situations and more? It's easy. Just invest in Smith sunglasses with interchangeable lenses.

Smith interchangeable sunglasses feature distortion-free, 9 base lenses that give you a crystal clear view of the world while protecting your eyes from harmful UV Rays. Their patented line of Interlock interchangeable lenses comes with Polarized TLT Carbonic lenses that can be replaced with their up to 14 different shades of lenses. So whether you're biking, driving, or playing tennis, you can do it all in one pair of frames with Smith interchangeable lenses.



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