Serengeti Offers Latest in Lens Technology

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What are some of the latest advancements in lens technology?

Serengeti Offers Latest in Lens Technology

Serengeti is known for their innovative sunglasses, which always feature the latest in lens technology. Serengeti uses three general technologies to provide drivers with the safest, clearest vision on the road. Photocromic lenses lighten and darken automatically to adjust to every lighting condition. Spectral Control lenses provide high-definition contrast and superior color enhancement by filtering specific colors of the spectrum. Polarized lenses reduce glare caused by reflective surfaces.

Now, Serengeti sunglasses offers PhD lenses which feature the newest evolution of polarized and photochromic lens technologies. The polarizing layer of the lens is engineered directly on the lens surface, which stands up to daily use better than conventional film-based polarized lenses. This polarized photochromic lens technology features unparalleled contrast and superior color enhancement, resulting in crisper color and clearer images. Polar PhD lenses also block distracting blue light, eliminating ‘blue blur' that leads to eyestrain and fatigue. In addition to this new lens technology, Polar PhD lenses withstand the harshest environmental conditions and provide protection from UV radiation and high velocity impact without compromising visual performance.



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