Multiple Lenses Help Get You Through The Day

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What are the best sunglasses for an on-the-go lifestyle?

Multiple Lenses Help Get You Through The Day

If you have a busy lifestyle, you need a pair of sunglasses that can keep up with you. Instead of buying multiple pairs of sunglasses, opt for a pair of Bolle sunglasses with interchangeable lenses. Choose from a variety of lenses that correspond to your daily activities. There are Bolle replacement lenses to suit almost any occasion, but here is a list of the basics:

  • For Everyday: TNS Gun - Neutral density gray lens with metallic silver mirror. This provides true color definition for everyday use.
  • At Night: Clear MLR - Customized clear lens with a unique multi-layer red flash mirror to aid vision in lowlight conditions.
  • For Driving: Polarized Cactus - Medium contrast gray/green lens with gold mirror and polarizing filter for cutting into distracting road glare.
  • For the Beach: Polarized Inland Gold - A high-contrast amber lens with metallic gold flash mirror and polarizing filter for high-glare safety. Hydrophobic coating protects against water, smudging, and contaminants.



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