Advances in Polarization Technology

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Are all polarized sunglasses the same?

Advances in Polarization Technology

The concept behind creating polarized sunglasses is simple, to reduce glare by selectively absorbing light waves. All polarized sunglasses follow this basic rule, but that doesn't mean that they are all the same. Some companies have made advancements in polarization technology, which has resulted in superior polarized lenses. For example, Revo polarized sunglasses use NASA technology to create sunglasses that are more advanced. According to the manufacturer, three components make their polarized lenses superior to other brands:

  • Serilium-Revo Polarcast Lenses are made from Serilium, one of the only lens materials capable of withstanding high-velocity impact from objects like gravel and sand. Serilium is also the purest form of polycarbonate, which allows the lenses to remain free from impurities that affect lens clarity.
  • The more layers you put between your eyes, the harder your brain has to work to compensate for optical distortion. Revo Polarcast lenses are infused molded into a single layer, eliminating glare without sacrificing clarity. Infusion molding also guarantees that glare protection can never be worn off.
  • Every pair of Revo sunglasses begins with a selective wavelength attenuation coating, which allows useable light to pass through the lens while blocking glare from haze or fog. Next, an anti-reflective coating eliminates any light that bounces off the inside of the lens. Finally, an exclusive element shed coating ensures that virtually anything will roll right off the surface of the lenses, keeping lenses cleaner, longer.



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