See Clearly When Participating in Water Sports

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How can I see clearly when participating in water sports?

See Clearly When Participating in Water Sports

For water sport enthusiasts, seeing clearly is essential for optimal performance and safety. Good vision is key in finding the best path, escaping collisions and avoiding debris that may be floating in the water. If you participate in extreme water sports like surfing, water skiing, boat racing or kayaking, it is important to wear the proper eyewear, especially if you have impaired vision.

If you wear prescription glasses normally, there are a few options for protecting your eyes in the water. Instead of wearing your regular glasses and risk breaking or losing them, opt for prescription sunglasses instead. If you prefer wearing contacts, choose a disposable brand so you won't mind if you lose one in the water, and protect your eyes with a pair of sunglasses specifically designed for water sports. Try a pair of Costa Del Mar sunglasses, which feature lightweight frames and durable lenses designed to stand-up to the rigorous demands of water sports.



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