Keeping Your Ski Goggles Like New

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How can I keep my ski goggles like new?

Keeping Your Ski Goggles Like New

Ski goggles aren't cheap, so once you find a pair you like, you'll want to keep them looking and functioning like new for as long as possible. Making sure you keep your ski goggles clean and scratch free will help your goggles last a lot longer than one ski season. Here are some tips for keeping your goggles like new:

  • Always store them in the soft bag they came with. If they did not come with a bag, purchase one. Never just throw your goggles in your gear bag or they will risk getting scratched and damaged. Always keep them in a soft bag when not in use. If you lose the bag, you can wrap them in a fleece neck warmer.
  • Only clean your ski goggles with a soft cloth.
  • Try not to touch the lenses when handling your ski goggles.
  • When putting goggles down, make sure lenses are always facing up.



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