Rudy Project Sunglasses: Perfect For The Petite Face

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I have a small face and I have a hard time finding sports sunglasses that aren’t too big. Any suggestions?

Rudy Project Sunglasses: Perfect For The Petite Face

Those of us with small faces know that trying to find a pair of sunglasses can be a bit of a challenge. Many times regular sized sunglasses dwarf small faces and you're tempted to reach for the kiddie sunglasses. Thankfully, the Rudy Project Jekyll sunglasses are designed with small faces in mind.

With their sleek and narrow design, Rudy Project Jekyll sunglasses will provide 100% UV protection while keeping in scale with petite faces. The lenses are interchangeable with a multitude of tint options for any desired color and lighting conditions. Try gold tinted lenses for moderate to low lighting conditions such as cloudy days or evenings. Blue lenses are perfect for bright sunny days at the beach.

Speaking of kiddie sunglasses, it's just as important that children have proper sunglasses with high UV protection. The Rudy Project Jekyll sunglasses are small enough to fit older children's faces and give 100% UV protection. Also, because they are flexible and durable they'll be able to take the rough and tumble action that kids dish out better than cheaper plastic lenses.



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