Rudy Project Sunglasses Are Perfect For Sports

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I have a dark pair of sunglasses that are perfect when it’s bright outside but are too dark when it’s a cloudy day. Do I really need two pairs of sunglasses or are there any options for different lighting?

Rudy Project Sunglasses Are Perfect For Sports

If you're the sporty type you probably know that using only one pair of sunglasses for those outside endeavors can sometimes leave you with limited visibility. Rudy Project sunglasses take away this problem with their interchangeable lenses which allow you to adjust for all types of lighting conditions.

Normally you need to rely on one pair of sunglasses to block those UV rays and bright sunlight when outside. The problem is the same lenses that work so well for sunny days may be too dark for overcast conditions. When in bright light try the Rudy Project sunglasses with dark mirrored or brown lenses. These lenses will neutralize bright light without dulling colors.

For those who need superb visibility against green or blue backgrounds try a pair of Rudy Project sunglasses with pink lenses. The pink coloring makes objects against blue or green stand out. These lenses are perfect for any sports involving water, such as fishing or baseball where you need to keep your eye on the target.



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