Trivex Lenses in Prescription Sunglasses

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What is the best lens to use for prescription sunglasses?

Trivex Lenses in Prescription Sunglasses

Because Trivex can be easily tinted while polycarbonate cannot, Trivex is a good substitute for polycarbonate lenses in prescription sunglasses, especially for rimless drill mounted frames. The suggested prescription range is 0 (no Rx) to +/-8.00 sphere.

While Trivex has a slightly lower refractive index than polycarbonate lenses, its specific gravity makes it the lightest of any lens material available today. This means the lens may be slightly thicker than polycarbonate lenses but similar in weight. Like polycarbonate lenses, Trivex also has 100% UV protection, however, it is optically superior to polycarbonate lenses, meaning it is much less distorting.



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