Fashion Forward: High-tech Sunglasses

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What's the latest trend in high-tech sunglasses?

Fashion Forward: High-tech Sunglasses

It may seem odd to see the fashion industry teaming up with the high-tech world, but Motorola and Frog Design have come up with new wearable computer prototypes, in the form of sunglasses. The Offspring Wearable prototypes are sunglasses that look cool and house a tiny digital camera lens, which peeks out from a pinhole opening above the right lens. There's also a miniature display inside the left lens for reading email or surfing the web. Your all-important cell phone isn't left out; an earpiece pops out from the side of the glasses. The entire system also includes a two-way-radio watch, a PDA and other add-ons.



5/13/2007 8:28:33 AM
????? said:

did this come out?? if yes how much does it cost???


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