Choosing Sunglasses for the Diamond-Shaped Face

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What kind of sunglass frame should I choose for my diamond-shaped face?

Choosing Sunglasses for the Diamond-Shaped Face

If your face is wider at the cheekbones and tapers to a narrow hair and jaw line, you have a diamond-shaped face. Diamonds are the least common of facial shapes. That makes them a little trickier to fit with the right frame, but it can be done!

Look for shapes that will emphasize your eyes and highlight the cheekbones. That means you can look at frames that have detailing or distinctive top lines, are rimless, or have sharp oval or cat-eye type shapes.

Some good sunglass frames for you might include the Hobie Dana, the LaFont Jersey, and the Arnette model 3011. There are many of these styles available from designers and sports manufacturers, so you can look good during any activity.



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