Celebrities Seen Wearing Aviator Sunglasses

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Which celebrities have been seen wearing aviator sunglasses?

Celebrities Seen Wearing Aviator Sunglasses

Aviator sunglasses have stood the test of time and have continued to remain popular since their original introduction. Today, you can see aviator sunglasses featured in movies and sported by a number of celebrities. Here are some of the latest sightings.

  • Zack Effron was seen wearing them in the recent hit 17 Again.
  • Tom Cruise made aviator sunglasses infamous in Top Gun.
  • The July issue of Vanity Fair featured Angelina Jolie wearing a pair of large metal aviator sunglasses.
  • Alicia Keys and Kate Hudson have both recently been spotted wearing aviator style sunglasses according to multiple celebrity blogs.
  • In the movie The Aviator, Leonardo DiCaprio looked sexy in his Rayban sunglasses.
  • Nicole Richie, Rachel Bilson and Jennifer Aniston are all noted fans of the aviator trend and can be seen wearing this popular style in a number of tabloid spreads.



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