Protect Eyes From Saltwater and Sun

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How can I prevent eye damage during saltwater activities?

Protect Eyes From Saltwater and Sun

Water sport athletes and those who spend a lot of time in or around saltwater should be vigilant about protecting eyes from the elements. Without proper protection, serious eye damage can occur.

A common condition is Pterygium, or "surfer's eye", which is identified as a fleshy, benign growth that forms on the surface of the eyes. This condition can impair eyesight and cause a reaction ranging from a scratchy, sand-in-your-eyes discomfort to disabling pain. These growths are caused by the combination of wind, saltwater bacteria and exposure to ultraviolet rays. It is a condition that required surgery to repair, but it can be easily prevented with proper eye care.

The first step is to wear protective eyewear like Costa Del Mar Brine sunglasses, eyewear that is designed for saltwater activities. Also, using artificial tears throughout the day will keep eyes clean and moist, which can help prevent Pterygium growths from forming.



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