Looking For Men's Sunglasses? Turn To Chanel

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Who makes great looking designer sunglasses for men?

Looking For Men's Sunglasses? Turn To Chanel

EyeSave Tip: After spending money on a pair of designer Chanel sunglasses, be sure to take care of your eyewear with the following tips:

  • Always remove your Chanel sunglasses with both hands. This will help prevent the frame from warping over time.
  • Wipe off any sweat that may happen upon your sunglasses. Sweat can damage the frame and lens coatings.
  • Clean your classes with a microfiber cloth after each use. This will help prevent the buildup of dirt and other harmful particles.
  • Regularly check the screws as you would a pair of eyeglasses. They can become loose over time, making the sunglasses uncomfortable.
  • Never leave your glasses on the dash of your car. The direct sunlight and high heat can warp the glasses.
  • Scratch resistant coating is necessary, but it won't completely protect your sunglasses from scratches. Make sure you store them in an appropriately sized cushioned protective case when you are not wearing them.



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