Choose the Right Sunglasses In Less Time

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How do I find the right sunglasses quickly?

Choose the Right Sunglasses In Less Time

EyeSave Tip: There may be nothing more exasperating than choosing a new pair of sunglasses for the season. You stand in the store trying on pair after pair asking your friends or perfect strangers, "How do these look on me?" The process can take hours if you wander from store to store seeking that perfect style. It can take even longer if you're looking for more than one pair.

How do you make the process easier? It's simple. Start by choosing a good designer like Marc by Marc Jacobs sunglasses. Then visit only the places that sell that brand. Finally, use a chart to figure out your face shape; doing this will help you only pick out the glasses that have the potential to look great on your face, instead of trying them all.

So, when you're choosing sunglasses, do some homework before you start shopping. It'll save not only you time, but it'll save you from asking perfect strangers for their opinion.



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