Choosing The Best Color Christian Dior Sunglasses For You

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I have blonde hair and blue eyes, what color of sunglass frames will look best on me?

Choosing The Best Color Christian Dior Sunglasses For You

Christian Dior sunglasses are the essence of beauty and style. To make those fabulous sunglasses look even better you need to be sure the color of your frames suits your personal coloring. Everyone is either classified as a “cool” or “warm” toned person. Here are some tips for figuring out which one you are and which sunglasses will suit your coloring best.

Cool toned people can be identified by having blue or pink undertones in their skin coloring. They also tend to have icy blue or blue violet eye coloring. Hair color that looks best on a cool toned person can be strawberry blonde, platinum blonde, blue-black, violet based red such as burgundy or a drab brown. If this sounds like you then you're one of the “cool” ones. When it comes to choosing your Christian Dior sunglasses opt for ones with frames that are black, blue-gray or blue. Pink, silver or dark turquoise also works perfectly with this coloring.

For those “warmer” people your skin will have yellow under tones or a “peaches and cream” type of complexion. Your eyes will likely be a gray-blue, brown or green. If your hair color is a golden blonde, golden brown, flat black, auburn red or carrot red you are most likely a warm tone. You will want to choose Christina Dior sunglasses with frames that are golden, copper, off white, fire-engine red or a light warm brown such as camel.



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