Chanel Sunglasses: Be Sure You're Getting Authentic Designer Sunglasses

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How can you tell an authentic pair of Chanel sunglasses from a fake pair?

Chanel Sunglasses: Be Sure You're Getting Authentic Designer Sunglasses

No doubt if you've shopped for sunglasses you know there are the designers and the “knock offs”. The problem with some impostor sunglasses is they try and pass themselves off as the "real deal." So how can you tell a real pair of Chanel Sunglasses from a fake?

All Chanel sunglasses come with a Chanel sunglass case with the logo clearly displayed on it. Your Chanel authentic designer sunglasses should also come in a black, cardboard box that also bears the Chanel logo on the top. Included with your sunglasses with be a red Chanel cleaning cloth with the Chanel logo design imprinted on the cloth in a repetitive pattern.

All Chanel sunglasses come with a one year warranty. If there's no warranty your sunglasses are certainly fakes. One big clue as to whether you have authentic designer sunglasses from Chanel is the certificate of authenticity. All Chanel sunglasses come with one so if it's missing then chances are they are not real Chanel. Lastly, you will want to find out the manufacturer of your Chanel sunglasses. Only the Luxottica group makes authentic Chanel sunglasses. Any other manufacturer and your sunglasses are a fake.



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