Chanel Sunglasses: The Ultimate In Eyewear

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I want a stylish pair of sunglasses that offer good UV protection. Any suggestions?

Chanel Sunglasses: The Ultimate In Eyewear

We all know that we should wear protective sunglasses to avoid harmful UV rays from damaging our eyes. So if you have to wear sunglasses why not do it in style? A pair of Chanel sunglasses exudes class and style with their distinctive “double C” logo and superior craftsmanship.

Chanel sunglasses are made exclusively in Italy and are crafted from the finest materials for superb durability and comfort. There are many styles to choose from that will suit any face shape. For those who love extra glam in their Chanel sunglasses, try purchasing a pair with crystal baguettes forming the world reknown “double C” emblem. You also receive a free cleansing cloth with your order to ensure you don't scratch those stunning lenses while cleaning your sunglasses.

Chanel sunglasses look fabulous but they aren't just for show. Chanel lenses offer 100% UV protection against the sun's harmful rays. Industry standards state that sunglass lenses should block a minimum of 70% UVB rays and 60% UVA rays. Clearly Chanel goes above and beyond to blend glamour with serious eye protection. So if you want to look amazing and protect those eyes Chanel sunglasses fit the bill on both accounts.



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