Be a Maverick With Top Gun Aviator Sunglasses

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Is it possible to get sunglasses like Tom Cruise wore in Top Gun?

Be a Maverick With Top Gun Aviator Sunglasses

The movie "Top Gun" made aviator sunglasses an instant fashion accessory must have. Twenty-one years later a pair of Top Gun aviator sunglasses is still sough after for those who want the authentic aviator look. To get your own version of that Maverick look you'll need aviator sunglasses that mimic the originals.

While you can purchase similar aviator sunglasses in a variety of frame and lens colors, true Top Gun aviator sunglasses sport streamlined gold metal frames. The lenses are a dark brown with a mirrored finish. Someone must have done their homework on the set of "Top Gun" because it does turn out that brown tinted lenses with a mirrored finish are the best for blocking harsh light while still allowing the wearer to maintain high visibility. This is a necessity when you're flying a fighter jet and trying to land on a ship in the middle of the ocean.

Top Gun aviator sunglasses range in price from around $14.99 up to $25.00 or more. The various sunglasses look almost identical so you're best bet is to choose the one with the highest UV protection.



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