Picking The Right Color Lenses With Armani Aviator Sunglasses

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: Does the color of a tinted pair of sunglasses affect how you see?

Picking The Right Color Lenses With Armani Aviator Sunglasses

Armani aviator sunglasses come in a wide range of lens colors. While you may think those funky tinted pink lenses were designed solely to match your wardrobe there is actually some science behind those colored lenses.

Armani aviator sunglasses with brown, gray or green tinted lenses work best in moderate to bright light situations. Due to the neutralizing factor of these colors, lenses in one of these three shades do an excellent job of cutting down on overall brightness without distorting actual color hues.

Gold or amber tinted shades are not as effective at cutting down overall brightness as their gray or brown counterparts but they still work well in moderate to low light settings. A pair of gold tinted Armani aviator sunglasses would be the perfect accompaniment for a ski or snowboarding trip.

Are you looking at the world through rose colored glasses? If your Armani aviator sunglasses are in the pink you will have greatly enhanced visibility in low light settings. These babies are perfect for outdoor sports or activities on a cloudy day, summer or winter. Also, rose tinted lenses enhance the visibility of objects set against a blue or green background. This makes them perfect for driving in the country or those long hikes in the forest.

A pair of Armani aviator mirror lens sunglasses is meant for bright light situations such as at the beach on a sunny day or to block snow glare. Just be aware that mirrored lenses make everything appear much darker so your visibility in lower light settings will be reduced.



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