Ray-Ban Sunglasses: Not Just For Summer

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Do I only need to protect my eyes from UV rays in the summer?

Ray-Ban Sunglasses: Not Just For Summer

There's nothing like walking along the beach with your Ray-ban sunglasses on. This is as much a summer tradition as barbecues and bikinis. Yet, did you know that harmful UV rays can do just as much damage to your eyes in the winter?

The sun's rays may not feel as warm during those winter months but those UV rays are still strong enough to do a number on your precious eyes. These harmful rays can be magnified by the glare of the sun off the reflective snow. A condition called snow blindness proves just how powerful those winter time rays are. Bright UV rays, combined with winter's cold wind and blowing snow can cause a temporary and painful blindness known as photokeratitis, or snow blindness. This condition can last up to 48 hours and affects the cornea of the eye.

Damage to the cornea from excessive sunlight in the winter can effect both the young and old so be sure the whole family has proper eye protection when outside for prolonged periods of time. To avoid damage or sun blindness grab those Ray-ban sunglasses before heading out during sunny winter days, especially if you plan to be outside in an open area.



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