Sports Sunglasses with Personality

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How can I showcase my personal style while playing sports?

Sports Sunglasses with Personality

Sports sunglasses are generally not designed with high style in mind. While some brands have fashionable sports options available, the designs usually revolve around the look of the sport rather than the look of the athlete. For example, most snow sport sunglasses look alike, as do most water sport sunglasses. However, Von Zipper offers sports quality sunglasses to showcase the personal style of any athlete, playing any sport.

Just because you play a sport, doesn't mean you should let it define you. Von Zipper's product line includes sport sunglasses in a variety of style categories: sophisticated looks like Saffron and Elmore, aviator styles like Hoss and Bunker, sports styles like Kickstand and Clutch, quirky looks like Rockford and Frenzy, and classic styles like Modcon and Snark. Offering such a wide-selection, Von Zipper sunglasses allow athletes to accessorize with style and show their fans there is more to them than just wins and stats.



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