Best Sunglasses for Snow Sports

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What should I consider when selecting snow sport sunglasses?

Best Sunglasses for Snow Sports

Most eye injuries that occur while participating in snow sports, like skiing or snowboarding, happen because of poor eye protection. If you are not wearing any eyewear, your eyes are left exposed to hazards such as low branches. Improper eyewear can leave your eyes vulnerable if the glasses fly off during a sharp turn or shatter during a fall. For the right protection, be sure your eyewear is specifically designed for your snow adventure.

When choosing the right sunglasses for snow sports, the most important feature to consider are lenses that block out harmful UV rays. Also, you want lenses made from polycarbonate rather than glass or plastic, which can shatter. Depending on your preference, choose a polarized or photochromatic lens that will filter light and enhance your vision. For the most effective frames, go for lightweight plastic that stands-up to the cold elements better than metal frames, which can become brittle. Brands that offer some of the best snow sport sunglasses include Von Zipper, Spy Optics, 7Eye and Smith.



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