Favorite Sunglasses of Extreme Sports Stars

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What sunglasses do extreme sports stars wear?

Favorite Sunglasses of Extreme Sports Stars

When participating in extreme sports, you will need a pair of extreme sunglasses that can handle the use and abuse. Surfing a wave or scaling a skate ramp requires a high level of concentration and timing, so you don't want to be interrupted by impaired vision or faulty frames. Popular choices for some of today's top players include styles by Arnette sunglasses. Here are a few of their favorites:

  • Kite surfer Alvaro Onieva's favorite pair is Arnette Legion 4114 sunglasses.
  • Motorcyclist Daniel Pedrosa looks super-cool in a pair of Arnette Vision 4103 sunglasses.
  • Wake boarder Kyle Schmidt and Surfer Jamie O'Brien love the durable Arnette Infamous 4067 sunglasses that can keep up with their vigorous lifestyle.
  • Female surfer Sanoe Lake sports a pair of Arnette Mistress 4107 sunglasses when she is catching a wave.
  • Skateboarder Willy Santos prefers a pair of Arnette Lock Down 3049 when he performs his favorite skate tricks.



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