The Toric Lens

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What is a Toric lens?

The Toric Lens

In 1979, the invention of the Toric lens revolutionized the sunglass industry. At the time, most lenses were either flat, which left the eye more exposed, or curved, which caused visual distortion. The surface of a Toric lens is a combination of a sphere and a cylinder, which allows light to be delivered directly to the retina. The precise transmission of light provides each eye with its own center of focus, creating clearer, sharper sight. This technology is also used in eyeglasses and contact lenses to correct impairments such as astigmatism.

The inventor of the Toric lens, Dennis Burns, is also the founder of Gargoyles Sunglasses. Offering the most advanced, optically correct sunglasses on the market, Gargoyles continues to develop technology that improves UV protection and vision quality. One of the latest advancements is The Gargoyles' trademark Green Lens that provides a unique balance of target and background brightness. Designed for the “Field of Play” the Green Lens helps locate and track objects in motion against a variety of outdoor backgrounds including Earth, sky and water.



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