Innovative Solution for Those with Prescription Eyeglass

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What are the best sunglasses for prescription eyeglass wearers?

Innovative Solution for Those with Prescription Eyeglass

For those who wear prescription glasses, protecting eyes from the sun can be a hassle. Wearing prescription sunglasses shields your eyes, but you still need to carry your eyeglasses with you in case you go indoors or it gets dark. A practical solution to this problem is a pair of Fit Overs sunglasses. These sunglasses feature an innovative wrap-around style that fit over your existing eyeglasses. This unique design provides an easy, stylish option for covering-up glasses and protecting eyes from damaging UV rays.

With a focus on comfort, quality and visual performance, Fit Overs were originally developed in Australia about 10 years ago and quickly caught on worldwide. Now, Fit Overs are sold all over the globe to satisfy the fashion appetites of eyeglass wearers everywhere. As the originator of this unique sun wear style, Fit Overs continues to be the leader in the development and creation of fit over sunwear.



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