Enhance Sports Performance with Bolle Sunglasses

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Can sunglasses enhance sports performance?

Enhance Sports Performance with Bolle Sunglasses

For athletes and those with an active lifestyle, it is important to give yourself an edge whenever possible. Proper vision is a big component in performing well, so enhance your performance by selecting the right sunglass lenses for your sport. Using interchangeable lens technology, Bolle sunglasses make it easy to transition from your everyday sunglasses to a more competitive look.

Choose your lens type based on your sport :

  • Bolle 100 - Extremely dark amber lens, perfect for climbing in bright, high altitudes.
  • Cobaltz - Medium contrast steel gray lens with platinum metallic blue mirror, great for the ocean glare of marine sports.
  • Competivision - High contrast teal tinted lens that mutes all colors except for optic yellow, ideal for tennis as these lenses help make the ball stand out visually.
  • EagleVision 2 Gold - High contrast cinnamon lens with gold mirror coating, a favorite among golfers.
  • Mogul Vision - Enhances contrast of white light wavelengths with a flash silver mirror. Winter athletes prefer this as it reduces snow glare.



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