What is Polarized Light?

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What is polarized light?

What is Polarized Light?

All types of light have both wave and particle properties. Polarized light is the result of the wave-like nature of light. Here is how it works: light waves move in many different directions, some are oscillating up and down, others left and right and others in-between. If there is an object introduced into this field of light waves, it can block the 'side to side' vibrations, but allow the vertical ones through. This is considered polarized light.

For example, when light hits water, the vertical light goes straight into the water but the horizontal light bounces back up into your eyes. The biggest culprits for creating this type of light are bodies of water, windshields and asphalt roads. Polarized lenses are helpful when trying to see through these reflecting surfaces, like when fishing, boating, or driving. They help to filter the reflective light, which reduces the glare associated with these activities.

If you are looking for a great pair of polarized sunglasses, try the Kapalua sunglasses by Maui Jim. Constructed from a strong, flexible beta-titanium alloy and combined with impact-resistant polycarbonate lenses, the Kapaluas are lightweight, tough, and very stylish.



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