Vintage Sunglasses Are Chic Every Year

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How do I choose sunglasses that will stay in style year after year?

Vintage Sunglasses Are Chic Every Year

EyeSave Tip: With all of the chic new styles coming out every season, it can be difficult to decide upon a pair of sunglasses. If quality is important to you, then you will more than likely choose sunglasses that are a bit more pricey than those you find in the gas station or grocery store. So how do you make sure your glasses stay in style season after season? Go retro.

When people think retro, they may think of the '80s with the big hair, the spiked bracelets and the mesh t-shirts. But vintage can also be a good thing. Think of the aviator sunglasses worn in this same decade by Tom Cruise in "Top Gun." Better yet, think of the Ray Ban Wayfarers Tom Cruise wore in the movie "Risky Business." Both of those styles are still popular to this day.

Another great designer to keep in mind when choosing retro sunglasses is Revo. With everything from blue and red mirrored sunglasses to metal and plastic frames, the Revo sunglasses line contains a variety of timeless styles.

No matter what brand you select, consider investing in vintage sunglasses so you can look stylish every year.



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