When Choosing Sports Sunglasses, Consider the Type of Lenses You Need

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What type of lenses do I need for my sports sunglasses?

When Choosing Sports Sunglasses, Consider the Type of Lenses You Need

EyeSave Tip: From baseball and cycling to skiing and tennis, sunglasses have been made for virtually every outdoor sport. And within these sports, there are still variations of sunglasses from which to pick and choose.

In baseball there are wrap-around sunglasses and flip-up sunglasses. In cycling there are sunglasses specifically designed for desert lighting conditions and mountain snow conditions, such as those made by Julbo sunglasses. In tennis there are lenses created specifically for depth perception so players can accurately track the ball.

With so many specialty glasses from which to choose, make sure you consider the type of sport you play and the usual lighting conditions where you play before you choose a particular kind and color of lens. Just as importantly, choose glasses that fit you well so they do not prove a distraction while you're playing. The best sport sunglasses will enhance your ability to play in the sun.



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