The Right Sunglasses for Playing Sports

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Why do athletes need sunglasses?

The Right Sunglasses for Playing Sports

When it comes to playing outdoor sports, it is important to have the right type of sunglasses. You will require something durable and specially crafted for the rough and rugged nature of sports. For anyone who plays soccer, baseball, or basketball, there is always the possibility of a fast-moving ball or hand coming into contact with the eyes, so glasses that are designed for the field or court are incredibly practical.

Some features are especially needed in sports sunglasses. Polycarbonate lenses are a good investment for ball players of all kinds, because they are shatter resistant. Water sporters or sports that involve looking in the air would benefit from polarized lenses which drastically reduce glare. Lightweight glasses are a benefit, as is UV protection, and visual accuracy. There are even some glasses designed with interchangeable lenses to switch between sports and everyday.

There are many brands that make sports sunglasses, including Bolle, Smith, Nike, and Maui Jim for those watersports enthusiasts. Bolle sport sunglasses feature polycarbonate, polarized lenses, so they won't shatter and reduce glare. Smith provides 100% UV protection and lenses that straighten out light for more accurate viewing. Nike, always a top name in sports, has many styles that all include UV protection, lightweight design, and comfort. Maui Jim eliminates glare with all of their sunglasses and ensures clarity with special patented lenses.



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