Staying Safe With Your Ski Goggles

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How can I make sure I have the safest ski goggles possible?

Staying Safe With Your Ski Goggles

Because ski goggles are all about protection, you want to make sure your goggles really are protecting you and not actually putting you in danger. To be sure of this, you need to make sure your goggles have specific safety features.

Always make sure your ski goggles are made from polycarbonate lenses. This will make them much more impact resistant and safer than glass or regular plastic. Also, if your frame and lenses are flexible, there is less of a chance that your lenses will break upon impact. Make sure your goggles have foam inserts at all impact points.

Scratches on your goggles can be dangerous once you start skiing down the mountain, so make sure your goggles have a scratch-resistant coating on the lenses.

Your goggles anti-fogging features are also really important as fog in your goggles can cause serious accidents. Goggles with double lenses to keep away condensation; they should also have a good venting system and an anti-fog coating inside the goggles. Nose guards on goggles will help your nose stay warm and will protect your nose, but they may also contribute to goggle fogging.



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