Wearing Ski Goggles Over Contact Lenses

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Can I wear my contact lenses under my ski goggles?

Wearing Ski Goggles Over Contact Lenses

Because contacts can be problematic on the mountain, there are a few things to consider to ensure the most comfortable skiing experience as possible. First of all, keep your goggles on as much as possible because the heat from your body will keep your eyes moisturized and comfortable. If you remove your goggles while on the mountain, your eyes will be exposed to the cold air and wind, and they may become dry.

If you get dry eyes, you may want to consider taping the bottom vents of your goggles shut. The constant venting may take moisture from your eyes, leaving them dry. Excess moisture should still be able to escape out the top vents on your goggles. Always keep eye drops in the pocket of your ski jacket as you may need to apply them when you're at the top of the mountain.



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